Someone Started a Bar for Homeless People

On the northern border of downtown Denver, there seems to be an open-air pop-up bar that serves the homeless community. Denver police are currently looking into this. According to reports, the improvised establishment provided booze to local residents. Division Chief Aaron Sanchez of the Denver Police Patrol voiced his concerns about the state of affairs,... Continue Reading →

AI robot fans seen at NFL game

National football enthusiasts greeted the start of the NFL season with great fervor and excitement. Surprisingly, during the season kickoff at the stadium, AI robots joined the Los Angeles Chargers and Miami Dolphins fans, resulting in a spectacular display. The fake faces of these robotic "fans" with blank expressions were on display as they sat... Continue Reading →

Will Senior Homes Begin Using Robots?

The professor who was instrumental in the development of Nadine, a stunning social robot with sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities and human-like motions and expressions, believes that Nadine could be the key to transforming the way that senior care is provided. Leading robotics expert Nadia Magnenat Thalmann of the University of Geneva spoke at a... Continue Reading →

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