Target Forced to Close 9 Stores?

Target is pulling up stakes in Harlem because of rampant theft and violence — one of nine stores the discount chain plans to shutter in crime-riddled cities nationwide, the company said Tuesday. The big-box retailer — which opened the East Harlem location to great fanfare in 2010 as a revitalization of the neighborhood — announced... Continue Reading →

New York Ends Trump’s Business

A New York judge delivered a major legal blow when he found that former President Donald Trump had committed fraud, which had an impact on his corporate empire. Lawyers are calling this decision "devastating," as it might have significant ramifications for Trump and his organization. It may lead to the cancellation of the Trump Organization's... Continue Reading →

Trump Planing His Own GOP Debate?

Former President Donald J. Trump is planning to travel to Detroit on the day of the next Republican primary debate, according to two Trump advisers with knowledge of the plans, injecting himself into the labor dispute between striking autoworkers and the nation’s leading auto manufacturers. The trip, which will include a prime-time speech before current... Continue Reading →

Triggered Mayor Attacks Reporter (Video)

This week, the adult daughter of a newspaper reporter whose work the mayor of Orem, Utah, had publicly condemned, allegedly spit on and struck him, setting up a heated brawl during a city council meeting. The altercation started during the city council meeting on Tuesday night when Mayor David Young talked about pieces that writer... Continue Reading →

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