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Woman Dies Mid-Flight After Suffering Heart Attack 

A woman died of an apparent heart attack while flying from Houston to London Wednesday, authorities confirm. The passenger was flying on a United Airlines flight when she went into cardiac arrest. She was aboard Flight 880, which took off… Continue Reading →

How Much Power did Bill Gates Have During Pandemic?

When Covid-19 struck, the governments of the world weren’t prepared. From America to Europe to Asia, they veered from minimizing the threat to closing their borders in ill-fated attempts to quell a viral spread that soon enveloped the world. While… Continue Reading →

Video Shows Chiropractor Giving Six-Day-Old Baby A Spinal Adjustment

A video is making the rounds and has inspired a lot of discussion both on that platform and over on Twitter. In the video, a practitioner at ProHealth Chiropractic in Texas is seen using a chiropractor tool on a baby’s back. The… Continue Reading →

‘I Got Sepsis On Holiday And Had To Have My Hands And Legs Amputated’

In My Story, readers share their unique, life-changing experiences. Today, we hear from Kim Smith, 61 from Milton Keynes. It’s scary to think that from a simple urine infection you can end up losing your limbs, but that’s what happened… Continue Reading →

Young People are being Targeted with Brightly Colored ‘Rainbow Fentanyl’

Drug cartels are using brightly colored “rainbow fentanyl” pills to target children as young as middle schoolers, the head of the Drug Enforcement Administration warned Monday, signaling a new threat in the opioid crisis.  In an interview Monday, DEA Administrator Anne… Continue Reading →

Man Dies After Swallowing Fish Bone

A man died after an almost inch-long fish bone got lodged in his small intestine and caused an infection, according to a report. The unnamed 61-year-old farmer had experienced worsening tummy pain and an expanded abdomen, vomiting, and constipation for… Continue Reading →

Dreaded Side Effect Rears Its Ugly Head in Latest COVID Variant

All over the world, the rates of death and hospitalization from COVID keep dropping. But our successful mitigation of the worst outcomes of the 33-month-old pandemic belie a growing crisis. More and more people are surviving COVID and staying out… Continue Reading →

Man Dies After Botched Weight-Loss Surgery

A mom whose son tragically died after a botched weight loss surgery in Turkey was left stunned by the so-called surgeon’s explanation. Joe Thornley, a 25-year-old from the UK, passed away after undergoing grueling gastric sleeve surgery in the hopes… Continue Reading →

Couple Say Psychedelic Therapy Saved Their Relationship

It was love at first sight when Emilio, a waiter, chatted up his new boss Emily on her first day at the hospitality business where they worked, and they became an item within months. 10 years later their relationship was… Continue Reading →

Teen Dies After Getting Breast Augmentation

Emmalyn Nguyen, the Colorado teen who underwent breast augmentation surgery in 2019 with disastrous results, died earlier this month of medical complications that her families’ attorney says was related to the surgery. CBS4 first reported her passing Sunday evening. “Emmalyn’s… Continue Reading →

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