Scholars Publish New Papyrus with Early Sayings of Jesus

For all of Christianity’s influence today, the archeological evidence for the first two centuries of the religion’s existence is notoriously thin. This is why the publication of a previously unknown second-century fragment of early Christian writing this week is so significant. Written before the formation of a New Testament or even the widespread recognition of a collection... Continue Reading →

Southern Baptists Expel Churches Over Female Pastors

Southern Baptists finalized the expulsion of two churches with female pastors on Wednesday, after a dramatic clash at their annual convention over moves by an ultraconservative wing on multiple fronts to reverse what it sees as a liberal drift. The ousted congregations are the Saddleback Church in Southern California, one of the denomination’s largest, and... Continue Reading →

Catholic School Board Member Calls Christian Men ‘Dangerous’ Sparking Anger

A Canadian Catholic school board collectively walked out of its meeting Monday night after a crowd called for a member's resignation over her tweets disparaging Christian men. School board meetings, notably across the United States, became plenty more contentious throughout the COVID-19 pandemic due to the implementation of various safety stipulations, as well as debates on book bans and critical... Continue Reading →

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