It is not uncommon for Reddit users to share their messy life situations. Some come to the platform to talk about troubles they are having in their family, while others share details about their dating life.

However, the recent post that has everyone wound up sees a 52-year-old man revealing how paternity tests have turned his world upside down.

Man takes paternity test for his four children

The OP, 52, and his wife, 51, are high-school sweethearts. The two have been married for several decades now and have five children together. Their youngest, a teenager, is still in school while the others have grown up. The OP reveals that, up until a couple of weeks ago, he thought he and his wife had a “perfect marriage.”

However, things spiraled when his eldest daughter, 33, took an ancestry test. The results suggested the OP was not his daughter’s father. Although ancestry test results don’t have 100% accuracy, the OP became suspicious when his daughter showed him the results.

The two then decided to take an official paternity test to clear any doubts they felt. The shocking result showed that he was not his eldest child’s real dad. The OP broke down crying in front of his daughter after seeing the results.

“The combination of finding out about my wife’s infidelity and how upset I was making my daughter by how I was reacting,” the OP says.

He then took a paternity test for his remaining three adult children – a daughter, 30; a son, 28, and another daughter, 24. He did not say a word about it to his youngest, 14-year-old daughter.

The test results showed that the OP was not their biological father either. Moreover, he also found out that three of his four adult kids had different fathers. He revealed that his two elder daughters had the same father, according to the results.

Wife dismisses paternity test results instead of confessing

The man then confronted his wife with the results. However, contrary to his expectations, she did not confess or ask for forgiveness. She simply dismissed the whole thing saying the tests must be flawed. “How the hell am I supposed to take that seriously?” she told him.

She consistently brushed it off. The mother of five even tried “guilt-tripping” her husband saying, “We’ve been together since high school, do you seriously not trust me?”

The OP even reveals that he has been questioning whether or not he has any fertility issues. “The fact that none of our planned children are mine makes me think that I might be. I will have a fertility test as soon as possible,” he says in an update.

He has also decided to confront his wife with all their children around. The OP is considering counseling, asking Redditors if he should fight for his marriage. But he is almost 100 percent sure that this situation will end in a divorce.

Reddit users react

Many users suggested the OP leave his wife for good. Others advised him to talk to his youngest child about the situation.

“I wouldn’t worry about trying to save the marriage. If she’s still lying to you, in the face of overwhelming evidence, then there’s nothing left to save,” said one user.

“I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. Even if you don’t tell the youngest the truth, she will hear it from someone soon, maybe a sibling. Or maybe your wife will tell her some untrue version,” a second user warned.

“Doesn’t even come clean and say a DNA test is flawed… A DNA TEST? This woman is bonkers. Leave. Stay close to the kids and find yourself a better life while you can. You don’t deserve this,” said a third Redditor.

However, a few Reddit users also noted how there’s a chance that his wife could have used a sperm donor to get pregnant. One user noted how the OP suspects he could be infertile. Hence they think the wife could have tried not bringing up his fertility issues with him and simply used a sperm donor to have their kids.

“Sperm donor sounded like the most credible alternative to me. Like either she didn’t want babies with his genes for some reason, or she somehow found out he was sterile and didn’t want to break the news to him,” the user said.