Australian Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champ Craig Jones appeared to render alt-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones unconscious during an episode of Craig’s El Segundo podcast on Thursday.

The Aussie star used what is known as a rear-naked choke–one of the most known submission in the world–after Jones complained that fellow star Eddie Bravo “wouldn’t do it” to him during an appearance on an episode on Joe Rogan’s Joe Rogan Experience podcast in 2019.

“Eddie Bravo wouldn’t do it, come choke me out,” Jones said. “Come on, come do it. Wide shot. Here we go. I’m a lights-out. Take a little snoozy.”

According to MMA Mania, grappler Craig Jones “is widely regarded as one of the best BJJ practitioners on the planet,” and his skills were proven as Jones appears to pass out in a matter of seconds. He wakes up a few seconds later.

“What? What did I just do?” he asked. “What was I just doing? Did I actually pass out? Huh? I did pass out? Did you really do it? What was I like when I came back?” Craig later joked on Instagram: “The CIA sent me but I couldn’t do my dad like that.”


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