Sean Hannity wants Taylor Swift’s haters to leave her alone.

After Republicans criticized the pop star for encouraging her fans to register to vote, Hannity spoke about Swift and her rumored relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce on Thursday night.

Saying he’d only have “five choices” if he picked his music based on performers’ politics, Hannity praised the outspoken Democrat Swift for “her talent,” “wardrobe changes,” and sprawling concert set lists.

“She’s a great businesswoman, seems like a lovely girl, extraordinarily nice to her fans, and I kind of hate people, you know, hating on her,” Hannity added.

He went on to say that both Swift and Kelce are “enormously talented,” despite Kelce being “woke, and he’s Bud Light, and he’s for the COVID shot.”

“I wish them the best,” Hannity said. “I hope it works for them.”


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