Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest Argue with Producer on Air

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have argued with a producer in an awkward moment during an on-air segment.

The Live stars have suffered several technical errors in recent episodes.

Now Kelly, 52, and Ryan, 47, have quarreled with a show producer over the addition of a new sound to their holiday trivia game.

During Monday’s episode of the morning show, the pair welcomed a phone contestant from Pennsylvania to test her luck at the Great Days trivia game.

“Alright, we got two statements, one is true, one is false, if you stump us you’ll win the mug,” Ryan explained, as a video presentation of the prize popped up on the screen.

A holiday coffee cup then spun as cheerful music played in the background.

As the host began asking the question, Kelly interrupted to say: “Did we add to the music? That just sounded…”

“Twinklier?” Ryan cut in.

“I just heard like a choral, like a vocal,” Kelly explained.

“Can we play it again? Is that possible?” her cohost asked.

Production played the song once more, and Kelly pointed upwards yelling: “That is new!”

“Controller, was that new?” Ryan asked.

“No, it’s not,” the producer replied as the entire room burst into laughter.

“Excuse me Bryan, yes it is,” Kelly snapped back.

“Bryan, is that new?” Ryan asked again, to which the producer reiterated it wasn’t.

The host slammed his hand on the table and rolled his eyes in response.

Ryan asked once more: “Bryan, is that new?”

The producer responded: “Okay, it’s new, yes,” as the room roared with applause.

“We’ll talk later, Bryan,” Kelly jokingly threatened.


This wasn’t the first time the Live hosts struggled with production disagreements, and earlier this month the blonde host decided she and Ryan were “losers” for suffering an awkward technical issue.

During the show’s usual Great Days trivia game, the hosts chat with a fan to try to guess between two statements they submitted: one true and one false.

Wednesday’s guest didn’t even get the chance to play the game, though, as he was nowhere to be found.

Kelly and Ryan welcomed James Lokay from Houston, Texas, to the game, showing a photo of him up on their big screen to prepare.

Unfortunately, when they tried to speak with him, he never spoke back.

Ryan asked: “James, how are you buddy?”

After hearing nothing, the host went on: “James, are you there?”

“We may have lost James,” Kelly told everyone.

They’d completely lost contact with him before the game could even start.

Producers forced Kelly and Ryan to move on, cut to commercial, and come back with their next segment, an interview with Jessica Chastain.

At the very end of the show, the hosts excitedly told viewers that they had James back on the line and were finally going to get to talk to him.

The excitement didn’t last long, though, as they discovered that the caller had once again been disconnected and was unable to talk to them.

“Hello James, are you there,” Ryan asked to start things off. 

After only getting silence in return, Ryan started to chuckle uncomfortably before adding: “Allegedly, we found him. Apparently he’s overseas. That’s what I understand.”

Kelly confirms: “He’s overseas? Is that right? He’s in Italy? James, are you there?”

Once again, silence.

Watch the video here

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