Teen Suffers Brain Damage From “Chroming”

An Australian mum has issued a grave warning for parents to check on their children after her daughter suffered brain damage.

Chloe Nevins was described as a ‘happy’ and ‘healthy’ teenage girl before one incident changed her life forever.

The 16-year-old inhaled fumes from deodorant cans and was found lifeless in bushland in Logan.

She was rushed to hospital for treatment and when her mum arrived she asked doctors what had happened.

They told her her daughter was discovered with seven Rexona cans by her side and she had gone into cardiac arrest.

“Her heart stopped for 27 minutes,” her mum Sarah told 7News. “If it wasn’t for, you know, those first responders she’d be dead.”

As a result of the chroming experiencing, she’s now suffered permanent brain damage, will be disabled for the rest of her life and is now unable to speak.

Her mum explained: “She’s gone from a fully healthy kid running around to having everything done for her in hospital.”

Sarah wants retailers to make aerosol cans harder to access as rates of chroming continue to climb in Queensland.

Credit: 7News
Credit: 7News

The state’s health minister, Yvette D’ath said it’s ‘absolutely’ a conversation they need to be having as too many young people are suffering terrible repercussions for abusing the substance.

Also known as huffing, sniffing or rexing, chroming is the dangerous act of inhaling an aerosol spray usually containing solvents or other household chemicals in order to get high.

It’s called chroming because people sometimes use spray paint cans and it traditionally caused them to end up with chrome paint around their nose and mouth.

Children as young as 8 years old have been treated after suffering injuries from chroming.

Chloe before her chroming incident. Credit: 7News
Chloe before her chroming incident. Credit: 7News

Jeremy Hayllar, the Clinical Director of Brisbane’s Biala Community Health Service, told the ABC that the issue had become more prevalent in the community.

“I am aware that there does seem to be an increased number of very young kids who are running around the [Brisbane] CBD under the influence of solvents or inhalants,” Dr Hayllar said.

“All volatile substances are taken up very quickly in the brain and change the way that messages are sent around the brain.

“That can lead to loss of consciousness, so this young lad collapsed, [and] vomiting is a kind of response to things going badly wrong and later on the effects can be progressive.”

Sarah’s daughter is one of many who have become victims of the chroming trend. Just don’t do it.

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  1. So kids are so Stupid. They have no brains no a days. So what happens to them are their own fault.

    1. Where is your compassion for the Stupid? May you reap your own rewards for your lack of compassion. What stupid things did you do when you were young?

  2. …And they are now being taught to not listen to their parents or tell their parent what they have learned in school. Thanks, teachers of CRT. Thanks gay rights. Thanks, Democrats for your wonderful wisdom. You are doing wonders for mankind! Bunch of illegitimate idiots who all deserve to DIE!

  3. This is incredible, have never heard of it. All the negative aspects should be put out there, at least to frightening these kids as to what can happen to them and virtually destroy their lives. My sympathy goes out to this girl’s parents. What a tragedy.

    1. Instead of listing deaths from the virus they should be listing deaths of children from the many current items that they use to get high.

  4. Apparently you just can’t fix stupid!

    Making it difficult for the masses to simply by a product that is aerosolized is just plain stupid also.

  5. How cruel to call kids stupid. They’re impressionable and want to be part of the crowd.
    This is an opportunity for this mom to take photos of her daughter and get other parents to bring photos and go to the schools and give talks during assemblies. Show the results and have other teens speak about how bad this is. Here in America it’s called huffing and has been around for awhile. A few years back it was Tide soap pods……why??? I haven’t a clue. Teens will always try something and share it. That’s where parents have to be hyper vigilant and have open talks with they’re kids. It’s our job to educate them.

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