Man Who Grew Literal Horns Dies After Attempted Surgery

A man who was known for his peculiar horn-like growths on the side of his head has reportedly passed away at the age of 140. Ali Anter, who was believed to be the oldest man in Yemen, had gained notoriety for his unique appearance.

Ali, also known as “The Two-Horned”, was a resident of Al Jawf Governorate in Yemen who gained notoriety due to his horn-like growths on his forehead that appeared after he turned 100.

One of the growths grew so large that it curled like a goat’s horn and was level with his mouth at the time of his death at a reported age of 140.

A video surfaced showing an untrained individual trying to remove the growth with a red-hot instrument, allegedly posted by his relatives.

Ali passed away three days after the video was filmed, with a family member attributing his death to the natural deterioration of his physical and mental health due to old age, but also suggesting that the crude amputation may have hastened his demise.

According to local media reports, Ali, also known as “The Two-Horned,” remained healthy and had a good memory until approximately 2017 when his health began to decline.

He is said to have had more than 70 grandchildren, although CEN has not been able to verify this claim independently. Ali’s growths, which protruded from his forehead, may have been cutaneous horns, which are skin tumors made of keratin. These types of growths can arise from benign, premalignant, or malignant skin lesions and are more common in older individuals and those with fairer skin.

Cutaneous horns can be associated with sun exposure and other sources of UV radiation. In some cases, they can be cancerous or precancerous and require treatment.

The story also mentions famous cases of individuals who grew cutaneous horns, including Madame Dimanche, a French woman who grew a 24.9cm horn from her forehead, which was successfully removed by a surgeon, and a 74-year-old Indian farmer who grew a massive cutaneous horn after hitting his head.

These types of growths can appear in different parts of the body, including the penis.

Prior to Ali’s death, the Guinness World Records recognized Johanna Mazibuko, a 128-year-old woman from South Africa, as the oldest living person in the world. Mazibuko, who lived through two world wars, the Spanish Flu, and the COVID-19 pandemic, passed away earlier this month.

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