Nursery Children Paraded in Soldier Uniforms for War Propaganda

Nursery children are now being used by Putin to desperately drum up support for his illegal war in Ukraine.

Boys and girls from Kindergarten Number 11 in Kursk were were pictured taking part in a ‘charity’ rally to raise money for the invasion.

More than 100 ‘baby troops’ from the centre were dressed up to like FSB border guard uniforms.

Border guards are a special detachment in the counter-intelligence service once headed by Putin.

They are in charge of ruthlessly cracking down on domestic dissent and allegedly used by the Kremlin to poison Putin’s political foes.

The youngsters, aged between four and five, performed with older cadets with the aim of fostering ‘universal patriotism’.

Even their names were displayed like adult officers with tags on their uniforms.

Campaigns to militarise children at school are becoming more common around Russia.

These events have been sharply criticised by child psychologists and anti-war campaigners.

Elena Kuznetsova said their participation is teaching them to glorify war and death.

Putin's 'baby troops' appeared in a Kursk kindergarten in Russia
The event has been heavily criticised by child psychologists (Picture: social media / East2West News)

The child psychologist said: ‘This dressing up into military fatigues should not be done. This is romanticising and decorating the worst thing in our lives – war.

‘The message children receive as a result of such actions by adults is that war is great, but any war ends up with lives that were not lived, from both sides, with mass and individual graves.

‘The military uniform is a dress for death, leaving traces of grief wherever such uniform boots step.

‘Children need to buy clothes about life, not about death.’

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  1. Just cheap anti-Russian propaganda.There is no evidence these two pics are even Russian. The story writer is just trying to gin up support against Russians, exactly what the Enemedia does to fool the the masses & hide the truth. Despicable.

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