David Attenborough Brings Viewers to Tears with ‘Urgent Final Plea’

Viewers of Frozen Planet II have been getting a bit emotional after presenter Sir David Attenborough made a ‘last’ plea to the audience to start doing something about the state of the environment. You can see his speech in this video:

The show – which aired on BBC One last Sunday night – saw the 96-year-old presenter deliver a speech directly to the camera in which he begged viewers to ensure that there is a future for the planet, not least for the animals that were shown in the show.

Of course, the real work will have to be done by companies and governments who are the most responsible for the pollutants that enter the environment and climate change as a whole, but the responsibility lies in no small part with the ordinary person too.

We’ve all got to do what we can, and what we can’t do ourselves we must pressure those in charge to do.

Attenborough, who is a living legend of BBC nature shows, having also lent his voice to Blue PlanetPlanet EarthLife, and Africa, is in a good position to know what needs to be done if we are to make something out of the disaster facing the world at the minute.

Total and utter destruction of the only planet we have – no matter what Elon thinks – faces us if action isn’t taken.

In the episode, viewers were confronted with ‘heartbreaking’ and ‘depressing’ scenes including polar bears struggling to survive, dying penguins, and the brutal effects of receding sea ice.

Then, at the end Sir Dave told the camera: “If we can do something about it, then do it.

“We can do it. We must do it. Then there will be a future for the planet.”

His impassioned plea was heard by viewers, who obviously found the whole thing quite saddening.

It’s not exactly a jolly subject, even if it is of utmost importance.

One commented: “Just wept watching Frozen Planet II – heartbreaking.

“Should be compulsory viewing for every single politician, leader and policy maker. As Sir David Attenborough said ‘We can do it. We must do it’.

“For the sake of our beautiful planet, we have to act now and all do our bit.”

Another said: “Never have there been more powerful words from Sir David Attenborough.”

A third added: “Christ. That feels like his last TV plea doesn’t it?”

Others have claimed that Attenborough should be awarded more honors for his lifelong commitment to environmental change.

A comment read: “David Attenborough should get the Nobel Prize for his lifetime’s work.”

While another wrote: “Got to say – total respect for Sir David Attenborough.

“96 years old and still talking sense. Our politicians could take a leaf out of his book.”

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