Social Media Influencer Discovered Dead in Field

A Brazilian TikTok influencer, who went missing for two days, has been found dead in her car after allegedly driving off a cliff.

Authorities reportedly discovered the deceased woman, 41-year-old Raquel da Silva Moura Medeiros, in an overturned vehicle near the BR-364 motorway in Ariquemes, Rondônia, on Oct. 18, Jam Press reported.

The Federal Highway Police deduced that her vehicle flipped over after plummeting off a cliff on the side of the road with no foul play suspected. They claimed that it took so long to find the dentist’s body because her car was hidden in a patch of vegetation, G1 Global reported.

This marked a tragic end to a harrowing saga that began after Medeiros went missing two days earlier on Oct. 16. The deceased had reportedly left the municipality of Ji-Paraná — her place of birth — at approximately 10 p.m. that day in a white Chevrolet Onix.

Co-workers at the basic health unit in Ariquemes, where she worked since 2017, claimed Medeiros “was liked by patients and co-workers.”

Medeiros will be buried on Oct. 20 in a church in Ariquemes, her family said.

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