Jill Biden Booed While Promoting Cancer Initiative at NFL Game

There was no brotherly love for first lady Jill Biden from Philadelphia Eagles fans Sunday night.

Biden, who was raised just outside Philadelphia, and doesn’t hide her support for the city’s pro teams, was greeted with boos as she took part in the coin toss prior to the matchup between the Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys.

The first lady was serving as the Eagles’ honorary captain for the game and was also present to promote the Biden administration’s Cancer Moonshot initiative.

Jill Biden received the traditional greeting from the Philly Phaithful as she took the field with cancer patients, survivors and their families. 

The jeering did not go unnoticed on social media. 

The first lady also led fans in a rendition of the Eagles fight song, “Fly Eagles Fly,” a portion of which was aired on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.” No booing could be heard during the snippet played on the broadcast. 

Philadelphia sports fans are notoriously cantankerous. In 1968, Eagles fans mercilessly booed and threw snowballs at a man dressed as Santa Claus who appeared on the field during halftime of a late-season game.

President Biden, himself an Eagles fan, noted the disagreeable nature of Philly fans back in May 2021, saying that “Philadelphia fans are the most informed and most obnoxious fans in the world.”

However, the city’s sports teams are going through a mini-revival at the moment, with the Eagles defeating the Cowboys 26-17 to improve to 6-0, the Phillies knocking out the defending champion Atlanta Braves to advance to the National League Championship Series, and the Philadelphia Union topping Major League Soccer’s Eastern Conference.

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  1. She is contributing to elder abuse! She knows her husband doesn’t have all of his faculties, mentally. She should be ashamed, but one has to have a brain to feel anything. She is as brain dead as her husband.

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