Video Shows Chiropractor Giving Six-Day-Old Baby A Spinal Adjustment

A video is making the rounds and has inspired a lot of discussion both on that platform and over on Twitter.

In the video, a practitioner at ProHealth Chiropractic in Texas is seen using a chiropractor tool on a baby’s back.

The infant was reportedly just 6-days-old.

Reactions were half and half, with negative thoughts on the idea of infants getting chiropractic adjustments on one side and personal stories of chiropractors working on infants on the other. Some voiced their outrage at the situation and the “actual need” for someone so small to receive this type of treatment and others stated it may be necessary for a specific medical issue.

At least that newborn has some very relaxed muscles now.

What the video below:

@prohealthchiropractic Right at 6 days old, Carter got his 1st adjustment and LOVED IT🤩💚💙 #newborn #pediatricchiropractor #lovingit #babyadjustment ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

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  1. Believe it, or not, the birth process can be physically traumatic for some infants and that trauma can cause some physical issues for them. Unknown to me previously, but after spending a lot of time with my daughter’s fiancĂ©, who happens to be a chiropractor, I learned a lot about that process and the reasons for it. If your new baby is terribly fussy, cries a lot and seems to be in pain and your pediatrician can find no logical reason for it, then take your baby to a well recommended chiropractor. who works with infants- -they will provide a consult and you may discover your baby has a spinal mis-alignment that can be easily adjusted. You will be amazed at the results and your baby is able to rest easily and comfortably at last. So ask around and talk with folks who have had the process done for their own infants and children. As I said, you may be amazed at the results. Many older children have been treated by chiropractic for things like asthma and sinusitis and been instantly relieved of those issues.

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