Disabled Woman Drags Herself to Airplane Bathroom After Crew Refused to Help

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a video of her degrading experience as a wheelchair user needing to use the bathroom on a flight.

Jenny Berrie, from the UK, was filmed dragging herself down the aisle of an AlbaStar plane, saying in a voiceover that the cabin crew had refused to help her on the Spanish airline’s flight from a Newcastle airport to Palma, Spain.

In her video, which has garnered over 5 million views, Berrie added that a crew member on the flight told her that “disabled people should just wear” diapers to avoid such a situation. 


Here’s how I had to get to the toilet on my recent Albastar Airlines flight. They told me I should wear a nappy and wee in my seat instead of having an aisle chair onboard…

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Airlines often transport passengers with disabilities using aisle chairs, specially built wheelchairs that are slim enough to fit through the galley of a plane. 

While Berrie said she was transported to her seat on an aisle chair, she said AlbaStar told her it could not keep one on board for her to use during the flight. 

Berrie did not immediately respond to a request for comment. She said on her Instagram profile that the high number of negative comments related to her viral video had led her to switch off her phone for long periods. 

Writing about the ordeal on Instagram, Berrie said she was told by staff that “in 27 years of working on airlines, they’ve never seen the issue of disabled people having to wear nappies before.”

“Life as a disabled person can sometimes be downright degrading and embarrassing, and unfortunately, this was one of them times,” she said. “To be outright told to my face that I should wear a nappy when I don’t need to and that they are happy with that policy made me feel humiliated.”

In a statement to Insider, AlbaStar said it had expressed its “sincere apologies for the event that recently took place on one of our flights in relation to the flight experience of a passenger with reduced mobility.”

It added: “Aisle wheelchairs are not mandatory as per current regulation, not even recommended nor mentioned when talking about aircraft equipment/furnishing.”

In response, Berrie has launched a petition to have aisle chairs mandatory on all UK flights and has gotten almost 5,000 signatures. 

Speaking on Instagram, Berrie said she was happy she “got video footage of it all,” adding: “I know it’s not something people want to see, but without this footage, disabled people simply aren’t believed.”

She said it was “incredibly embarrassing and degrading” to share these experiences online but that she did so to “ensure that things change.”

Wheelchair users and their chairs are sometimes mistreated when flying. A Department of Transportation analysis of complaints against US airlines found an average of 35.8 wheelchairs were broken or damaged daily on flights last year.

The lack of accessible bathrooms on flights is a prominent issue for travelers with disabilities, with Theo Donnelly, a wheelchair user, previously telling Insider that he’s forced to resort to urinating in bottles if he wished to fly.

3 thoughts on “Disabled Woman Drags Herself to Airplane Bathroom After Crew Refused to Help

  1. That’s life in our WOKE-FOLK, third world banana republic $HIT-HOLE! The end is in sight – guaranteed! BAA, BAA, BAA! You couldn’t pay me to fly!

  2. I am so sorry that you had to deal with that humiliating situation. My heart really goes out to you. If I had been on the flight I would have helped you-no problem. God Bless You!

  3. I have MS, my biggest fear is to lose the use of my legs totally. Though I do fall often, have to request help in an airport to get to connecting flights — or miss them — due to not being able to get myself there fast enough on my own.
    I have been left in horrendous circumstances at times. Society in general, has no care for others, for anyone that causes them to deter from their usual life patterns, etc. It is a sad day. When can we not put ourselves in another’s shoes, do unto others as we would have them do unto you — put your fellow man before yourself — without even thinking!! Just doing the right thing – automatically!!! Duh!! That is hardly seen anymore!!
    I will always live to put others first — it is who I have always been — who I will always be!!

    Not only shame on the Airline, it’s Employees for their mistreatment of a passenger, but for the fellow passengers as well — not standing up for or aiding thir fellow passenger in any way!! Shame on all of them!!! I am sure your parents and grandparents brought you up better than that!!
    It is a shame what society has come to, no wonder everything it’s such a mess!! Children do not know what real discipline is, they ate not taught about true right, wrong, learning respect, consequences for their actions, etc. Old values and teachings of our forefathers need to come back to life from the ashes if we are to have any chance of salvaging the future for our children, their children, and our grandchildrens children!!!

    God Bless America!!

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