Mom, 47, Dies After Getting Liposuction in Mexico

Luz Maria Carrasco, 47, died on Wednesday following complications that began WEEKS ago after she was put to sleep for the operation in Mexico.

The Chicago mom travelled to Guadalajara in mid-March in the hope of obtaining a “better physique”, her daughter Yalithsa Carrasco told NBC 5.

But during the operation, doctors said she experienced an adverse reaction to anaesthesia and went into cardiac arrest.

Her daughter revealed in a GoFundMe post – created to raise money to get her home before she died – that the cardiac arrest caused her lungs to “fill with fluid”.

The mom also suffered “significant brain swelling” which caused brain damage, Yalithsa wrote.

Luz had to be resuscitated four times and then slipped into a coma.

The mom-of-two was then transferred back to Chicago’s Rush Hospital where she received medical care.

But she tragically succumbed to her illness and sadly dying on March 30.

Before her death, the family said her medical bills had soared to “almost $15,000 so far” and were becoming a “significant financial burden”.

They also stated they needed an “additional $20,000 to finish her care” before she died.

In total they need a whopping $35,000 to cover all the costs – with donations now standing at just under $20,000.

The GoFundMe page is still active since her death and is still receiving donations.

Luz’s kids have since warned others of undergoing procedures following the devastating ordeal.

In a statement, they said: “Do not risk your life for something like that, you never know what will happen.

“My mother was in perfect condition.”

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  1. I wouldn’t go to Mexico for a bandage.
    Although progressive democrats are working hard to make America just like Mexico.
    Remember, everything the left touches turns to sh-t.

  2. Vanity of vanities, all to just look better, what a tragedy; she could have tried diet and exercise so that she wouldn’t have come to needing this but that is the way of America today – no hard work or sacrifice, everybody wants it the easy way!

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