‘Distraught’ 25-year-old man takes suicidal leap off Yonkers building, lands on and kills 61-year-old man

A 25-year-old man jumped off a building, landed 12 stories below on the roof of a concrete parking garage, and killed the hapless 61-year-old man who happened to be standing there.

Police in Yonkers, N.Y., made the announcement Monday evening just before 8 p.m., giving no other information.

“Preliminary information is that a distraught 25-year-old male jumped off the roof of the building, falling 12 stories onto the concrete parking garage roof below and striking a 61-year-old male; both men died at scene,” the Yonkers Police Department tweeted Monday evening.

“Investigators are interviewing witnesses and family members at this time and reviewing surveillance video. The incident appears to be a tragic situation and the investigation is ongoing.”

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