Canada to Accept 20,000 Afghans – Should the USA Follow Suit?

Canada plans to resettle more than 20,000 vulnerable Afghans including women leaders, human rights workers and reporters to protect them from Taliban reprisals, Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino said on Friday.

The effort is in addition to an earlier initiative to welcome thousands of Afghans who worked for the Canadian government, such as interpreters, embassy workers and their families, he told a news conference.

“As the Taliban continues to take over more of Afghanistan, many more Afghans’ lives are under increasing threat,” he said. He did not provide a timetable.

Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan said some Canadian special forces were in Afghanistan taking part in the relocation effort but gave no details.

“The challenges on the ground are quite immense,” he said.

Canada’s new plan would focus on those who are particularly vulnerable, including women leaders, human rights defenders, reporters, persecuted religious minorities and members of the gay and lesbian community, Mendicino said.

It covers both people who want to leave Afghanistan and those already in neighboring countries.

The Taliban have seized Afghanistan’s second- and third-biggest cities as resistance from government forces crumbled.

“We know the situation is dire. It’s getting worse by the hour,” said Mendicino.

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13 thoughts on “Canada to Accept 20,000 Afghans – Should the USA Follow Suit?

  1. They may have helped us because they wanted to get rid of the Taliban. Doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t work against us after Taliban or not and play. They would have to be vetted very well. We don’t want another 911. My enemies enemy is not necessarily our friend.

  2. And what does America do, slip out in the middle of the nite, and abandon the people who helped us ,so they get slaughtered like isis did to the kurds,aziddis, by impident, failure,embarrassment of obuthead. Now we have the other idiot of that administration, doing the same thing with the afgans, a total failure of hidenbiden,and his foreign policy.

  3. Well, thats an easy one, if they will vote Demo rat, let them in. If its a logistic problem, fly them to Mexico border and give them lunch money and a hotel room at the Hyatt. Gone to need a pathway to citizenship within 2 years so they can vote. Problem solved comrade.

  4. Every darn one of them will be collection WELFARE from Day 1!! Don’t we have enough Moslem Warriors here already??

  5. Here is another case of our military going into another country to shut down a situation harmful to the USA, and then those that supported those US actions in that country and offered their services, are left to the killing fields after the US leaves. So the next time when we have to go into a country to possibly shut down something that is harming America we will get no help from the Nationals in that Country, and that will hamper the US operation to no end. There are rules for war that never existed until 1951 and are supported by nearly every country in the World with the exception of rogue countries that never abide by any rule but their own.
    Those rules were set up to protect the mass of persons in that country, who were the main people to die in every other war up until the Korean Conflict. Germany WWII, residential sections were bombed and 100 of 1000s killed just to deny Hitler a work force. will never happen a gain, and maybe countries should consider that when thinking about going to war, this is no longer the middle age and scorched earth policy, these helpers need to be protected from the people who will execute them for assisting the US, which they have already done in the past week and takenb the wives and given them to the fighters, about as ancient as it gets, but when you deny education except only what you want the people to heard what else can one expect.

    1. Sorry, but when the citizens of that very country won’t stand up and fight? They get what they deserve! We’ve been trying to get their lazy, stone-age asses to get their act together for the last 18 years. The leadership there siphons off aid money we give them to build vacation homes in Dubai. Their soldiers are pu$$ies, that cut and run leaving American and Coalition soldiers to do all the heavy lifting. Take a look at how quickly this country has collapsed after US forces left. We abandoned them? They abandoned themselves!
      I honestly do not like Biden one bit, but he’s right. (Or at least the puppeteer pulling his string is). 18 years and the Afghan people have nothing to show for all our hard work, support and bloodshed.
      Like I said ten years ago, will the last Marine leaving Afghanistan please remember to set the timer on the thermonuclear device?
      Our best option is to nuke the entire country and start over with people who don’t live in the 12th century.

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