A video shot Nov. 8 shows a runner’s terrifying encounter with a mother bear and her two cubs on a hiking trail in Sierra Madre, California.

“Went trail running and turned a blind corner to find a mother bear’s head about 5 inches from my waist and her cubs a few feet behind her,” the runner said.

Her video begins with the mother bear charging toward the runner on the dusty dirt trail.

The runner quickly backs away and begins to roar at the animal in an effort to scare the mama bear and her cubs away.

However, as the runner turns around a bend in the trail, she sees that the bears are following her.

The mother bear even peeks her head around the bend to see the runner.

The runner continues to back away, roaring and blowing a whistle, only to see at least one cub following closely behind its mother.

She then meets a fellow hiker on the trail, who helps her encourage the bears to take a trail separate from the one they intended to hike.


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