Besieged actor Alec Baldwin is reportedly thinking about launching a reality TV show because his legal bills are bleeding him dry, has learned.

Insiders claimed the embattled actor needs the cash after spending a pretty penny on legal counsel following his involvement in the 2021 fatal shooting that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his ill-fated western film Rust.

Since being accused of playing a role in Hutchins’ death, Baldwin has spent a fortune on lawyers — and his financial bleeding could get worse as prosecutors consider refiling involuntary manslaughter charges against him.

Baldwin was initially charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter for Hutchins’ death. The charges were dropped in April, however, prosecutors in the case noted that the investigation was “active and ongoing” and warned that future charges were a possibility.

“This nightmarish business has already cost him hundreds of thousands in legal bills — and while Alec’s a wealthy man, he’s not rich enough to continue paying lawyers and maintain the lifestyle he’s accustomed to living,” a source told the National Enquirer.

Making matters worse, Baldwin, 65, has had to put several projects on hold due to his legal issues.

“He’s not exactly going broke, but it’s been challenging for him on a lot of levels,” the insider added.

The 30 Rock alum has confided that he and wife Hilaria, 39, “have thought a lot” about them doing a reality show with their children, Carmen, 10, Rafael, 8, Leonardo, 6, Romeo, 5, Eduardo, 2, Lucia, 2, and Ilaria, 1.

“I’m desperate to try to work from New York,” Baldwin told Kelly Ripa on her SiriusXM radio show, Let’s Talk Off Camera.

An insider told the outlet that if cash-strapped Baldwin wants to stay close to family and work from the Big Apple, a reality show would be a perfect solution.

“A reality show would provide Alec with cash flow and allow him to work at home in New York with his family,” the source explained. “He needs to make money to fight off prosecutors who seem determined to put him away.”

Baldwin’s initial involuntary manslaughter charges were dropped after his lawyers argued that the prop gun he was holding, which fired the fatal bullet though the actor denies that he pulled the trigger, could have misfired. While the charges were dropped, prosecutors continued to work the case.

Prosecutors enlisted firearms experts to examine the gun and experts concluded, ” Although Alec Baldwin repeatedly denies pulling the trigger, given the tests, findings and observations reported here, the trigger had to be pulled or depressed sufficiently to release the fully cocked or retracted hammer of the evidence revolver.”