Shooting at Christian School Leaves at Least 3 Children and 3 Adults Dead

At least three children and three adults were killed in a shooting at a Nashville school Monday morning, according to police.

The shooter, who has only been identified as a 28-year-old female, was also killed after engaging with police.

The shooting unfolded at The Covenant School on Burton Hills Boulevard in Nashville where officers “engaged” the attacker, police said.

Nashville firefighters first reported their personnel were responding to an “active aggressor” at 10:39 a.m. CT.

Three “pediatric patients were transported to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, all having suffered gunshot wounds,” Vanderbilt University Medical Center spokesperson John Howser said. “All three were pronounced dead after arrival.”

The names and ages of the victims and the gunman have not been released.

Shortly after police announced the shooter was dead, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation also said “there is no current threat to public safety.”

Students of the school, which serves pre-school students through sixth graders, were being bused to Woodmont Baptist Church, two miles away from campus, to be reunited with their parents.

The campus employs 33 teachers with an 8-to-1 student-to-instructor ratio, according to The Covenant School.

This is a developing story.

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    1. You are jumping to conclusions
      This is the USA, there are COUNTLESS way to get your hand in a gun.

    2. she was 28 yrs old .. old enough to get her own gun don’t be so fast to blame parents

  1. Oh Shootings. No longer restricted to public schools.
    Hopefully by now, most people must realize that these are not going to stop unless we seriously limit who have access to firearms.
    Miss the old days when the worst disagreements were managed by fists and hair pulling.

    1. Doesn’t anyone find this suspicious that all of a sudden, we have all these shootings,and now the Marxist cont freak Democrats who have for at least the las 80 years been diligently be incrementaly working to disarm the American people, many have been Manchuriaian style killings as the government has been involved in mind control hits since the 40s and that has been on History channel several times! Make no mistake this bunch will do anything to appease their Pimps the CCP!

  2. Guns don’t kill….the ones pulling the triggers are the killers. Even if all guns were taken from law abiding citizens the BAD guys will still have guns!

  3. They keep calling the guy a girl but the DNA 🧬 says it was a mentally unstable dude, that legally armed him self!

  4. The blame is on the shooter not the gun. The responsibility of protecting the children in school lies with the School Board, Teachers, and Parents equally. Would you expect the Firemen to put the flames out without water. No. Then how do you stop maniacs from shooting kids when the staff has no weapons or armed guards. Serious case of WOKE mentality and expecting Jesus to protect your kids
    Our Creator gave most of us a brain to take care of our problems here on earth. He may take care of our souls after we are gone but Good Grief Charley Brown. More people die in traffic accidents than by guns. So we get rid of all the cars. NO
    We get comfortable with weapons and make the Church and the Schools the last place a perp would choose to feed his demented agenda. Wake up America. If you can’t handle it then at least teach your kids how to defend themselves. The gun should be by your side at all times. The police never arrive in time to prevent the killing. There needs to be laws made that allow the parents of murdered kids form a firing squad, publicly televised to make money and offset burial expenses, and have the perps shot to death in public executions. You would be surprised how fast the attacks on schools becomes a non issue. jwsts MAGA GBA

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