Former football star O.J. Simpson weighed in on the Alex Murdaugh murder trial and concluded the lawyer was going “down.”

After a six-week trial, the jury found Murdaugh guilty of murdering his wife and son.

Simpson, who was acquitted in a trial in 1994 following the deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, said he had been repeatedly asked to comment on the Murdaugh case.

Initially, Simpson released a video to his Twitter page saying that he would not be surprised if Murdaugh was found not guilty.

But later he released another video saying if the verdict was given quickly rather than next week, Murdaugh would be found guilty. A few hours after Simpson’s second video Murdaugh was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of his wife, Margaret “Maggie” Murdaugh, 52, and son, Paul Murdaugh, 22.

The jury was able to agree on a verdict after deliberating for only three hours.

In his second video, Simpson concluded that the trial had proved that Murdaugh was a liar. Reflecting on one of his own cases, he said if the jury is able to agree that an individual is a liar, going forward, they “can’t believe anything he says.”

In the clip, that has now been viewed more than 350,000 times, Simpson said: “One thing I was told by the lieutenant of the sheriff’s department when I was incarcerated in one of my cases…

“After the police officers had testified in my case, all of the sheriff’s department—they ran the jail, not the prison—the jail is where I was being housed.

“They said, ‘you are going home’, I said, ‘how can you be so sure?’

“They said ‘when a jury sees someone as lying, especially police officers, they won’t convict.’

“Like it or not, those police officers were pretty apparent that they were lying about stuff.

“Well, that seemed to be the case here with Murdaugh. One thing that the jury must have seen is that the guy is a liar and once the guy is a liar you can’t believe anything he says.

“I thought, as I said, I didn’t watch the case, I’m not qualified to render judgment one way or the other because I didn’t watch it all.

“But I know the guy is a liar, it is hard for me to think that he could have been on the stand five, six, seven days without lying and I guess that is what the jurors thought.

“In any event, it is done, it is over now, down goes Murdaugh, I’m just saying.”

Murdaugh was sentenced to life in prison on Friday at 10 a.m. EST.