Stunning: Meteor Strikes into Texas

According to recent reports, a meteor, which weighed as much as seven kegs of beer, hit the ground in South Texas last week.

Although the space rock was only about 2 feet wide, NASA has confirmed the incident and stated that the meteor likely broke into several pieces before it hit the ground.

The American Meteor Society shared a photo of the small but heavy rock, which weighed about 1,000 pounds. The group said it was the third meteor to hit the Earth over three days last week.

WOAI reported that there was no property damage attributed to the meteor. The sound of its impact was captured on a doorbell camera, CBS News reported.

When it slammed into the ground, NASA said it had about the power of 8 tons of TNT, CBS News reported.

“Although meteorites tend to hit Earth’s atmosphere at high speeds, they slow as they travel through the atmosphere, breaking into small fragments before hitting the ground.

Meteorites cool rapidly and generally are not a risk to the public,” NASA said in a statement, according to WOAI.

If a meteor is found, people should contact the Smithsonian so it can be studied, CBS News reported.

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