Can Tucker Carlson Recover from M&Ms Super Bowl Clapback?

M&M’s has debuted its new campaign featuring Maya Rudolph as their spokesperson – and people think Tucker Carlson will still find a problem with it.

The candy company recently elected Rudolph to represent them after running into multiple controversies with their spokescandy.

Most notably, Carlson, 53, raised a problem with M&M’s choosing to replace the green M&M’s heels with sneakers.

So in return, the company has decided to troll the haters by giving the very likable Rudolph an opportunity to market their candies as outlandishly as possible with “Ma&Ya’s” – a candy-coated clam-flavored bite.

In the advertisement, which ran during the second half of the game, people tasted the new clammy candies, much to their disgust. In the background of the final shot, the red M&M can be seen holding a sign that says, “help.”

Despite their efforts to make a joke from the absurd situation, people are convinced Sunday’s commercial won’t land well with the Fox News host.

The whole skit appeared to mock the very idea that anyone would take M&Ms seriously at all – let alone devote entire segments to railing against them.

People will be watching Carlson’s show Tucker Carlson Tonight closely to see if the conservative commentator will mention the candy company’s advertisement.

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