Donald Trump Picks Fight with Superstar Singer Rihanna?

Today, billions of people around the world will turn in for Super Bowl LVII, which will be played between the American Football Conference champion Kansas City Chiefs and the National Football Conference champion Philadelphia Eagles.

This is now among the most-watched TV programs of the year, and it is also known for its star-studded halftime show.

The colossal event has become known as much for the music as the sports, with marquee artists taking the stage in a super production spectacle.

This year that star is pop/R&B singer/actress Rihanna, now the second-best-selling female artist of all time – earning 14 number-one and 31 top-ten singles in the U.S.

She’s also a former Academy Award nominee and an NAACP’s President Award winner, who has been twice named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Donald Trump Declares War 

Of course, none of that stopped former President Donald Trump from sharing his dislike about the 34-year-old icon.

“Without her ‘Stylist’ she’d be NOTHING. Bad everything, and NO TALENT!” Trump wrote on Truth Social, responding to Ronny Jackson, his former White House physician.

Jackson posted to the forum on Thursday, “Rihanna spray painted ‘F*** Donald Trump’ on a car at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. She’s made a career of spewing degenerate filth while badmouthing America every chance she gets. Why is the NFL showcasing this crap? Rihanna SHOULD NOT be the halftime performer!!”

It is absolutely true that Rihanna – who, for the record, like many celebrities – has a stylist and creative director. Her image is part of her brand. In the process, she’s become a billionaire, and is now the wealthiest female celebrity in the world.

Disregarding the Power of Celebrity

Donald Trump has never been known to have a “filter” especially when it comes to social media.

Drawing attention to the fact that Rihanna doesn’t like the former president shouldn’t be brought into the public. 

It won’t endear Donald Trump to her fans.

This is often dismissed as “playing to the base,” and it is very likely that few who wear MAGA hats have her songs “S&M,” “Diamonds” or “Love the Way You Lie” on their playlists. But Rihanna still has 107.8 million followers on Twitter, and millions more on the other social media platforms.

That greatly exceeds the 87.6 million Trump followers on Twitter.

Rihanna is also a millennial who is a digital native, who has used social media in a way that is far more from just spewing the first thought that pops into her head. She has built a following from the platforms. 

That is why this could result in a very public spat that Trump and his followers can’t win, and therefore should have never started.

There is nothing to gain, and a whole lot to lose.

There is all likelihood that his supporters will make vile, racist or other comments that wiill drive away Rihanna’s fans – but also others who may not even listen to her music.

Once again, Trump comes off looking like a bully who is simply out of touch with anyone but his most loyal followers.

And there just aren’t enough of those individuals to get him elected. It is almost like he wants to lose.

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  1. I like how the figure it’s OK for celebs to say what ever they want against Trump but it’s not OK for him to retaliate. I guess that’s what the Fake News calls “Free and Honest Reporting”.

  2. Trump will be Trump as a hyena will always act like a hyena.
    But I think Trump is safe as I do not think Rihanna fans would be MAGA cultist as well.
    As long as Trump do not go bad-mouthing country music OR NASCAR stars or Lawrence Welk, he probably will not lose any votes

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