In a tense and nerve-wracking moment near the Capitol on Monday, a sinister figure masquerading as a police officer was finally brought to justice.

As the suspect was taken into custody, a cache of deadly weapons was uncovered, including knives and a menacing chainsaw blade.

Authorities confirm that the individual posed a grave threat to the public’s safety.

The man, Max Eli Viner, 37, who was wanted by the U.S. Secret Service for questioning, was noticed by a U.S. Capitol Police officer on Monday evening. When Capitol Police searched him, they found the weapons, according to a release from the Capitol Police

When the Secret Service arrived and searched the man’s SUV, the officers discovered fake police equipment, shell casings, a smoke grenade and a gas mask.

It is unclear why Viner was wanted prior to the incident. The Secret Service did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“This is another example of how our teams work closely with our partner law enforcement agencies to keep everyone safe. These partnerships are critical,” said U.S. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger in the statement.

“We thank the U.S. Secret Service for their detailed and timely information and we thank our officers who continue to show their dedication to our critical mission every day,” the statement continued.

Charges against Viner of impersonating a law enforcement officer and possession of a prohibited weapon within the District of Columbia are pending, according to the release.