Prince William Pointed His Finger in Meghan Markle’s Face During Heated Spat

Prince William angrily pointed his finger in Meghan Markle’s face during a tense gathering that also involved their respective spouses, according to Prince Harry’s new memoir.

The confrontation came a month after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex tied the knot in May 2018. William and wife Kate Middleton invited Harry and Markle over for tea that led to an airing of grievances and then the explosive moment, Harry claimed in his new book “Spare.”

At one point, Middleton said she “was owed an apology” from Markle for a comment the former “Suits” star made before the nuptials, Harry wrote.

Middleton claimed she was hurt when Markle teased her that she had “baby brain” after she forgot a detail tied to the rehearsal timing, according to Harry’s book, US Weekly reported. The Princess of Wales gave birth to her youngest child – son Prince Louis – in April 2018.  

Middleton told Markle when her memory slipped during the past conversation, Markle replied then it was an hormonal thing, the book claims.

Markle apologized to Middleton over the comment, but also insisted she made that comment to other friends before William jumped in, Harry wrote.

Harry alleged that William pointed at Markle and said “Well, it’s rude, Meghan.”

Markle then snapped back to her new brother-in-law, “If you don’t mind, move your finger away from my face.”

Other points of contention during the meeting included how William and Middleton were annoyed that Harry and Markle didn’t give their family Easter presents, which Harry wrote he found puzzling since he and his brother never exchanged gifts for that holiday.

Additionally, Harry wrote he and Markle told the their royal counterparts they were not happy how William and Middleton rearranged the seating assignment for their 2018 wedding. The Sussexes followed the American tradition, but William and Middleton didn’t like that custom, according to the book.  

Harry’s heavily anticipated memoir was released early in in Spain — in Spanish — and includes numerous anecdotes of tension between him and the rest of the royal family. 

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