It seems Sunday’s World Cup final – which was viewed by over 3.75 billion people – even lit up the living room of Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, as Prince William may well have sat on the edge of his seat to watch the nail-biting win from Argentina like the rest of us.

The 120-minute football extravaganza between Argentina and France resulted in a final score of 3 – 3, forcing the teams to battle it out in a penalty shoot-out which saw Messi’s Argentina take home the coveted World Cup trophy (which is made from pure 18-carat gold and worth $20 million). The drama-filled competition has been deemed the “best World Cup ever” by multiple outlets, including New York Magazine and CNN.

The Prince of Wales, 40, must have agreed after he wrote on his wife Kate Middleton’s official Twitter account: “What. A. Final. Congratulations to Argentina and to Messi [sic],” accompanied by a goat emoji which stands for the acronym G.O.A.T – meaning “greatest of all time.”

“Commiserations to France – both teams played brilliantly. W,” he added.

However, the innocent tweet sparked outrage on social media after netizens came forward to question the heir to the throne on why he’s chosen to remain silent on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix series, but chose to post about the World Cup instead.

The six-episode docuseries revealed several explosive accusations against the Royal Family, including that the then-Prince Charles’ office had allegedly leaked details of 38-year-old Harry and 41-year-old Meghan’s plans to relocate to South Africa and then to Canada. The father-of-two had even claimed that his older brother had screamed at him about their exit from royal life during a meeting with their father and the late Queen Elizabeth II.

So far, the palace has also declined to comment on the allegations, as well as further claims from Harry that William’s office leaked negative stories about him and Meghan to the press. According to The Mirror, the Royal Family is choosing to “maintain a dignified silence” to avoid a public row with the California-based couple.

This continued silence, however, has frustrated netizens. One person simply commented: “Seriously? This is your response?”

“Your failure to condemn signals you are ok with the hate and vitriol against your own brother and [sister-in-law]…..shame on you,” someone else added, referencing the hateful article written about Meghan by Jeremy Clarkson for The Sun.

A third user chimed in, also referencing The Sun column: “Clarkson’s column should be officially condemned. I have no plans to read Spare or watch Netflix, but I condemn the hate in Clarkson’s column. Please consider doing so, too.”

“So William was quick to defend the family after the Oprah interview by saying they weren’t racist. So he can speak. But he has never defended Meghan by denouncing the racism that was in the media. And is silent on the violence now printed. I see,” another person tweeted.

So far, Buckingham Palace has not commented on the accusations – though it is expected that a statement may come out following the release of Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir Spare, which is set to hit bookstores on January 10.

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