World Cup Fan “Assassinated in Iran After Celebrating USA’s Win”

The 27-year-old World Cup fan was shot in the head and killed by regime militias in Anzali, northern Iran, by Iran’s Islamic Regime’s security forces, according to reports.

New information is materializing after news broke of Sammack’s death in the early hours of Wednesday.

A German lawyer, Niema Movassat (@NiemaMovassat) tweeted a photograph of the deceased, with a message 

He posted: “Mehran Sammak was only 27 years old. Regime militias shot him in the head in Anzali, northern Iran. Reason for his assassination: he honked his car horn for joy at the elimination of the Iranian team at the #WM [World Cup].”

One journalist based in London who works for a Persian news channel, Maryam Moqaddam (@MaryamMoqaddam), boldly asked and answered the question as to why Mr Sammack was killed.

She said: “Why did you kill him? Because he was happy and honking. #SayHisName.”

She followed the tweet up with an English post, which said: “Iranian security forces shot and killed 27-year-old #MehranSammak in the northern city of Anzali just because he was honking his car horn following the US-Iran football match.”

Original story – Local journalists and news organizations have tweeted about the death of Mehran Sammak, aged 27, reporting that he was shot in the head by Iran’s Islamic Regime’s security forces.

Journalist Pouria Zeraati (@pouriazeraati) posted details of his death, saying that Mr Sammak was “shot in the head around 1am local time in Anzali”, located in northern Iran.

He posted: “Mehran Sammak, 27 years old, was shot in the head by Islamic Regime’s security forces, tonight (around 1 am local time) in Anzali [Northern Iran], while people were celebrating IR team’s loss against the U.S.

“He died an hour ago in the hospital.”

News agency Visegrad 24 also confirmed his death.

According to reports, hours before his death Mr Shammack had posted on his Instagram story: ”Tonight, regardless of any outcome of Iran and the U.S. let’s stick together”

In recent months protests have erupted across Iran, with the government pushing back hard on those who go against its regime.

Iran threatened the families of its World Cup soccer squad after the players refused to sing the country’s national anthem at their opening game in an apparent act of solidarity with protesters back home, a source told CNN.

According to the source, who works in security at the World Cup, he has monitored how Iran’s security agencies are acting in Qatar during the games and said that players were ordered to meet with Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps after the first game when they refused to sing the national anthem.

They were told that their families would face “violence and torture” if they did not sing, or if they protested at all, the source said. During the build-up to their second match, on November 25, the team were seen singing the anthem.

USA’s Christian Pulisic both scored and injured himself during the match on Tuesday, as they secured a 1-0 victory over Iran to face the Netherlands in the knockout stages on Saturday, December 3.

Pulisic bagged the winning goal in the 38th minute of their to send the USA through to the last 16 of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, but watched the second half from a hospital bed after being admitted suffering from dizziness and abdominal pains.

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