Pelosi’s Daughter Running to Replace House Speaker?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has represented San Francisco in the House of Representatives since 1987, but with dim prospects for a Democratic majority, her tenure may be up after the midterm elections.

While Pelosi has had no serious challengers for her congressional seat, a behind-the-scenes battle is playing out for who will succeed her if she steps down following an anticipated Republican takeover of the House, according to a report from Politico.

The outlet lists California state Sen. Scott Wiener and Pelosi’s daughter Christine as the top contenders for the seat.

Wiener has represented the city in the state Senate since 2016 and previously served as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, while Christine Pelosi is an activist who has served as a surrogate for her mother and is vocal on issues important to Democratic voters, despite never having held public office.

In the report, a former political director for Wiener said no one is publicly expressing interest in the seat because they do not want to “offend” the speaker.

The deep-blue city has not had its congressional seat open since Nancy Pelosi won it in a special election in 1987, and before that, it was represented by Phillip Burton and his wife from 1975 until the speaker won the seat. The opening will be seen as a golden opportunity for a lifetime tenure for a liberal Democrat.

Wiener and Christine Pelosi may already be trying to entice support from prominent groups, but far more consequential will be whether Nancy Pelosi fires up her political machine to help her daughter, the report notes.

Reports of a behind-the-scenes battle over Nancy Pelosi’s congressional seat come as other reports indicate there is also a secret race for who will succeed the speaker in House Democratic leadership.

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  1. No way! No nepotism in politics! That’s how we got Pelosi, Murkowski and Cheney! The Pelosi’s have made enough money off the American people!

  2. Most people never want to hear the name Pelosi again in their life time. Their all crooks and evil. Can t trust any of them ever……. They should all crawl under a rock and stay there for ever. They are low,low life.

    1. My thoughts exactly!!!!!
      The SOH is THIRD person from the Oval Office.
      We certainly should have a say in who it is.
      Same with the VP.
      Too important to just let things go – like they’ve been.

  3. Once the republicans take over there will not be a Democrat speaker of the house!!!!! 👍

  4. That’s just what this country needs it getting rid of one “C” to be replaced by another and from the same corrupt gene pool, I don’t think so!


  5. One drunkin slut for another I don’t think so and is this really her daughter kinda looks like a trans to me!!

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