The hunt to find a Manhattan doctor who vanished a week before his court appearance is ongoing.

New York physician and medical director Dr Marvin Moy was arrested earlier this year in January for allegedly being involved in a $100 million no-fault health care fraud scheme.

However, around a week before Dr Moy was due to appear in court, he went missing following an incident at sea.

Dr. Moy is accused of performing unnecessary medical procedures – including ‘painful electrodiagnostic testing’ – on car accident victims to scam insurance companies out of more money.

Dr. Moy allegedly conducted the scam as part of a New York gang run by Alexander Gulkarov and Bradley Pierre.

The scheme – which is reported as having taken place over 13 years – is said to have made the gang over $100 million.

Dr. Moy was set to appear in court on 17 October, however, just a week earlier on 13 October he was reported missing.

The doctor is said to have set off on a light night fishing trip on 12 October from the coast of Fire Island.

Just after midnight, his boat is reported as having been involved in an ‘alleged collision’ with a ‘large vessel,’ according to the Coast Guard.

A Coast Guard spokesperson said: “The other person was recovered while Marvin remained missing.

“We conducted boat and helicopter searches for over 30 hours covering 4,830 nautical miles, finding only the Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon that he was allegedly holding when he was last seen.”

Dr Moy’s friends have since weighed in on his disappearance, with one noting how they find it strange the doctor went out to sea on a week night after midnight.

They said: “I would obviously like for my friend to be found. There’s still a chance he’s shipwrecked on some small rock.”

Ultimately, those who know the doctor ‘just want answers’.

The hunt to find the doctor is ongoing and he is not currently considered dead, a legal representative told Judge Paul Gardephe during a hearing held on 19 October.

The lawyer said: “The representative [from Coast Guards] indicated that he would keep us apprised of any developments and that, ultimately, a report would be issued and that we would be provided such a report.”

Dr Moy faces conspiracy charges of healthcare fraud and money laundering, which could result in a maximum prison sentence of 30 years if he’s convicted.

The doctor has denied all charges.

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