Pelosi Says Trump ‘Not Man Enough’ to Testify

Donald Trump is “not man enough” to appear in front of a committee investigating the January 6, 2021 riots, according to Nancy Pelosi. The Speaker of the House and long-time Trump critic made the remarks after the former President was ordered to testify in front of a House Select Committee.

In an interview, Pelosi said she does not believe Mr Trump is brave enough to testify

She said during a Sunday appearance on MSNBC: “I don’t think he’s man enough to show up.

“I don’t think his lawyers will want him to show up because he has to testify under oath.

“But I don’t think he’ll show up. I don’t think he’s man enough. We’ll see.”

Trump was subpoenaed on Friday, and was ordered to turn over any critical documents related to the riots by November 4 and appear the committee by November 14.

They wrote to the 45th President: “As demonstrated in our hearings, we have assembled overwhelming evidence, including from dozens of your former appointees and staff, that you personally orchestrated and oversaw a multipart effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election and to obstruct the peaceful transition of power.”

Trump’s lawyer David Warrington said: “We understand that, once again, flouting norms and appropriate and customary process, the Committee has publicly released a copy of its subpoena.

“As with any similar matter, we will review and analyze it, and will respond as appropriate to this unprecedented action.”

Trump previously refused to say whether he would comply with a potential subpoena or appear before the committee in a letter.

He said: “Despite very poor television ratings, the Unselect Committee has perpetuated a Show Trial the likes of which this Country has never seen before.”

The House Select Committee’s investigation will look into “the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021”, and is made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans.

However, should Republicans retake control of the House of Representatives after November’s midterm election, the January committee’s work will end and the panel will be disbanded.

Earlier in October, it emerged Pelosi said she would “punch out” Trump if he marched with rioters on Janaury 6, 2021.

Footage from the day showed the House Speaker at the Capitol, where she said: “I hope he [Donald Trump] comes.

“I want to punch him out.… I’ve been waiting for this…I’m gonna punch him out, and I’m gonna go to jail, and I’m gonna be happy.”

In an interview with MSNBC on Tuesday, when asked if she would have actually hit the then-President, Pelosi didn’t answer no.

Instead, she said she clearly would have never gotten the chance, because Trump didn’t have “the courage to come to the Hill” and said he is “all talk.”

In response, Trump called Pelosi a “despicable person” who was “bad for the country”.

He told Salem News on Wednesday: “Well she’s a despicable person. Very bad for the country.

“If I ever said that it would be a national scandal but with her, it has barely been a blip”.

The interviewer, laughing, interjected: “Ya think?”

The former President replied: “Well if I said anybody.. well what about Biden saying ‘take him to the back of the barn’ that’s what I do right now, ya know.

“I mean.. this guy.. if I ever said it oh that would be terrible.. but he [Biden] says it and they think it’s so cute.”

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  1. well after not accepting the 20 thousand National Guard Troops we already know who is responsible for the mess that happened on Jan 6th 2021> & it ain’t President Trump !!! Now don’t er Pelosi!!!

  2. 95% of the time I disagree with Pelosi. But this time I agree. His not being man enough started with four 4F classifications which got him out of the Vietnam war and his being a pussy has continued ever since. SHOW UP TRUMP! BE A MAN!!!

  3. And you Nan , are you man enough to crawl out of your Gin bottle and accept blame for what you and your syncophants have done to this nation ? Are you Man enough to step down and take blame for what you orchestrated on Jan 6th ? You know the truth , you and your leftist cronies plotted the whole thing simply because you didn’t want or like Trump exposing the swamp .

  4. She’s got to be the most corrupt and dumbest Government official alive. Non stop witch hunt will finally backfire and take her down, along with loser Cheney.

  5. You first Nancy, you allow President Trumps legal representative to question you about the week leading up-to the 1/6 events. Then let’s get the FBI under oath to testify on their participation. And then let President Trump provide his defense to all of the claims made against him with evidence carefully picked and clipped by the movie director all of the tax payers are paying for this sick committee.

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