Make-A-Wish Moment Goes Horribly Wrong

In recent years, it’s become somewhat commonplace across a variety of levels of football for teams to honor athletes with disabilities by giving them a chance to run for a touchdown uncontested as the crowd cheers them on. A moment like that was planned for one youth football game.

Unfortunately, it went horribly wrong as one opposing player apparently didn’t get the memo.

In a video that has since gone viral, a team appears to be giving Chris, a player with a disability, a chance to live out a dream by scoring a touchdown in a Make-a-Wish moment.

However, one of the opposing players didn’t seem to understand what was happening. With the offensive line barely blocking, a defender by the name of Aiden rushed into the backfield and tackled Chris as soon as he took the handoff.


Grandson with disability on play to make touchdown one player did not get memo ☹️

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In the video, it’s clear that Aiden immediately realized his mistake and felt horribly for it. According to Chris’ grandfather, Chris was not hurt by the hit and Aiden apologized immediately.

“Chris was not hurt in the football game and Aiden apologized right away and it was a great learning experience,” the grandfather said in a video shared to TikTok.

The good news is, Chris did get another chance the following play. This time, nobody stopped him.


Let’s go Chris!!!!

♬ original sound – Sparkplug

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