Teen Football Star Killed on Date with Girlfriend

The girlfriend of the Georgia high school football star murdered outside a Dave & Buster’s has described how she screamed in pain as he died in front of her after being shot.

Bailey Reidling said she discovered Elijah DeWitt bleeding after an alleged altercation in the parking lot of the entertainment center on October 5.

“I run over to Elijah, and he’s on the ground and I go right over to him, and he mouths to me — the last word he said to me was ‘help,’” Reidling said.

“You’re screaming in the moment because you’re in shock. So, it’s like a scream that you don’t try to do, it’s just coming out,” she told Fox News Digital.

The college student and cheerleader — who used to cheer on the sidelines for her boyfriend — said she “checked his pulse, and I got freaked out because there is nothing going on there.” 

Two suspects, Kemare Bryan, 18, and Chandler Richardson, 19, have been arrested in connection with the shooting in South Carolina and are being extradited to Georgia where they will face charges of felony murder, as well as other crimes connected to the shooting.

Eighteen-year-old DeWitt had been a standout receiver for Jefferson High School and was nicknamed “Easy E” by NFL player Cam Newton

He had dated Reidling for five years and they were on a date when the tragic shooting happened.

“Elijah would forgive them … I’m going to,” Reidling said of the two suspects.

“There’s something in my heart telling me to. I haven’t got any hatred towards them. Anger? Yes,” she added.

Authorities are trying to piece together a motive for the tragic violence and DeWitt’s mother said she believes it might have been a botched robbery. Police said it seems like “the suspects and the victim were familiar with each other.”

“When they encountered each other in the parking lot, an altercation took place and then the shooting,” local PD said. 

DeWitt was found dead around 8 p.m. after police rushed to the scene following reports of a person shot, authorities said.

Reidling added she forgives Bryan and Richardson in part because she doesn’t know their own situations.

“You don’t know how those kids were raised. You know, what they were going through,” Reidling said.

“It’s not right. It never will be right. But you know, Elijah, this is not the only crime, this is everywhere. And it’s horrible.”

DeWtt’s father, Craig, echoed that sentiment.

His father, Craig DeWitt, said he forgave the two murder suspects who live in Georgia.

“Forgiveness is for the forgiver. We don’t want the hate in this household,” he told Fox 5.

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  1. It would be hard to forgive. But I understand the reasoning behind it. It’s GOD job to pass judgement not ours. They will answer to GOD for their sins.

  2. Again 2 blacks kill a white kid and it is not mentioned. If the victim had been black and the shooters white it would be mentioned 24 / 7.
    So again two uncivilized thugs wastes a white life and their race is not mentioned???????
    Remember black lives matter only when they get themselves killed by committing a crime or when a white person has to defend themselves against them. Like the criminal thug George Floyd. What B.S.

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