North Carolina Student Handcuffed for Wearing Religious Symbol

The University of North Carolina in Charlotte is apologizing after campus police detained a student for wearing a kirpan, reported CBS17.

The article of faith is worn by Sikhs as part of their religion.

Police responded to a call of a student with a knife. The office demanded that the kirpan be removed. When the student refused, the officer handcuffed him, according to the Economic Times.

“I wasn’t going to post this, but I don’t think I will receive any support from UNC Charlotte, he said on Twitter. “I was told someone called 911 and reported me, and I got cuffed for “resisting” because I refused to the let the officer take my kirpan out of the miyaan.”

“State law and University policy prohibit the possession of a knife or other edged instruments on campus, but we will use this as a learning opportunity by engaging in constructive dialogue with Sikh students and employees” the campus said in a statement reported by News 18. “Together, we are confident we can find reasonable measures and educational opportunities that both protect the safety of our campus and the religious practices of our community members. Our diversity makes us a better, richer, more successful community. We want every Niner to feel welcomed, supported and safe. We apologize that is not what this young man felt in our union yesterday. We are committed to ensuring it doesn’t happen again.”

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa called for the apology and described the incident as “disheartening” to see the youth detained.

6 thoughts on “North Carolina Student Handcuffed for Wearing Religious Symbol

  1. The guy was carrying a very long blade and sharp assassins dagger. He is there for an education, leave the grand Fooba beard , Turbin, and dagger at home. He is supposed to be there to learn. Anything else is just decoration. I would bet he does not have to pay tuition either. Can we get some input on that. jwstx

  2. Leave it to WOKE-FOLK NGN to blow the trumpet for the radical Islamic faux-religion; can you imagine what would have happened if this was a Christian? I do and I’ll give you a good example of how this anti-Christian REGIME treats Christians! Hey NGN, why is it we never see such stories as this on your Leftist garbage site:

    Pro-Life Advocate Mark Houck Offered to Talk to FBI 3 Months Ago, It Raided His Family Anyway
    Senator Josh Hawley Slams Merrick Garland Over FBI Attack Targeting Pro-Life Advocate

  3. This is obviously an “in-your-face” move to provoke MORE division.
    Carrying a weapon- and this is a knife, and not “just a kirpan”, is not allowed on campus.
    I know Sikhs are allowed to carry, even on domestic flights in India.
    This is not India, and carrying what could be considered a weapon will get noticed.

    Instead of demanding an apology for this young man, he should have known this could happen.
    You can see it in his eyes in the above picture. This was planned
    This student should be apologizing for deliberately causing a disturbance.

    I’m a Pagan and I KNOW BETTER than to go around carrying my athame for all to see.
    I’m getting very tired of people poking the bear just to cause trouble. Like this guy.

    1. Apologies to a Muslim or Sikhs for carrying a knife as part of his religion but no American Christians are allowed in schools to practice their religion is wrong what the hell is wrong with this country

  4. A knife is a knife no matter who is carrying it. If the rules are no knives on campus then it’s no knives on campus. So should I be permitted to carry a hunting knife on campus because I’m a hunter?

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