William Gives Harry A Royal Ultimatum

Is Prince William ready to forgive Prince Harry? One report says the second in line for the throne is prepared to settle his beef with Harry but not with Meghan Markle. At first glance, this sure seems like another rumor trying to exploit royal drama for profit. Here’s what we know.

‘Harry’s Last Chance!’

According to the National Enquirer, Kate Middleton is urging William to settle his issues with Harry. The future king is apparently willing to talk about it out on one condition: Markle cannot be present. As William and Middleton prepare for a trip to the United States, sources insist William is ready to bury the hatchet. “It seems only right for the brothers to meet up at a neutral venue to iron out a few compromises before it’s too late.”

It’s possible William changes his mind, but he’s open to talking. An insider says he has two conditions: “Meghan isn’t by his side and Harry can promise he’ll keep his mouth shut.” The meeting will start with William and Harry, then Middleton can come in, and finally Markle.

No progress was made during the Platinum Jubilee, so an insider concludes, “This could be Harry’s last chance to patch things up and the hope is Harry will want to just as much as William does.”

Is Prince Harry’s Reconciliation Happening?

Why would this be “Harry’s last chance” as the giant title promises? He’s 37 and William just turned 40. If Queen Elizabeth is any indication, the two aren’t even halfway through their lives. The Enquirer fails to produce any reason why Harry’s time is running out or why there’s a sudden urgency.

It’s extremely unlikely for Harry to accept a conversation that deliberately excludes the mother of his children. That’s just not how reconciliation works, and Harry would rightfully dismiss a conditional conversation out of hand. William chose not to see Harry during the Platinum Jubilee, effectively snubbing the baby Lilibet Diana in the process. Somehow, he escapes any and all blame in this article for appearing to dodge his niece.

The itinerary for their trip to the States is already packed, and reports indicate William will snub his brother again. Since Harry and Markle met with just about every single other royal on their last trip, the burden is on William and Middleton to set something up. There don’t seem to be any plans in place, so this story is bogus.

Torrid Track Record

We’re already giving this story more credit than it deserves. The Enquirer has a horrific track record with stories about Harry and William. Back in May, it claimed Harry’s interview with Hoda Kotb was personally humiliating for William. Harry’s interview was pretty banal, but this outlet was prepared to bash him no matter what.

It also announced Harry and Markle fled the Jubilee in shame. Their itinerary was done, so they took their pre-scheduled flight home. It had no drama attached to it. The Enquirer also claimed Middleton would speak out about Harry, but she never did. 

The Jubilee certainly didn’t seem to thaw the frigid relationship between Harry and William. That being said, they have decades to reconcile if they want. There’s no countdown clock running, nor is there a publicized meeting scheduled without Markle.

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