Girl, 5, Dies From Snake Bite at Property Where 40 Serpents Were Being Kept

The little girl had been at the abandoned property in Bihar, India, when she was bitten by a deadly snake. She was immediately rushed to North Dinajpur Raiganj Hospital, however she died shortly afterwards, the Daily Record reported.

The species of snake that attacked the youngster wasn’t given. However, there are about 300 snake species across India, more than 60 of which are venomous.

Following the girl’s death, villagers called a snake charmer to search for the deadly animal. However, as he began his search, he discovered 40 venomous snakes living at the property not far from where the attack occurred, Indian news outlet Times Now reported.

Unsettled villagers called local police and wildlife officials, who arrived at the scene. The snakes were then caught and gathered up into sacks, before being released into a nearby forest. Villagers gathered to watch as they were removed.

According to the World Health Organization, 5 million snake bites occur in India every year, and between 81,000 and 138,000 deaths occur as a result.

However, there may in fact be many more fatalities, as many go unreported, particularly in rural areas without immediate access to health care.

Antivenom is used to treat venomous snake bites, however it doesn’t always work. Survival largely depends on how quickly bites are treated, as well as the severity of the bite. The envenoming process also causes around 400,000 amputations and other disabilities each year.

The child’s death follows a similar incident on July 22, when a five-year-old girl died following a snake bite in Shamirpet, according to a report in Telangana Today.

The news outlet reported that the child had been going to the toilet in some bushes when the she was bitten.

Police told Telangana Today: “Crying, she rushed inside and informed her parents that she was bitten by a chameleon. However, when her parents came out and checked, they found a snake passing by.”

She died the next day.

While the species of snake responsible hasn’t been identified, according to the World Health Organization, 90 percent of bites are caused by the common krait, Indian cobra, Russell’s viper and saw scaled viper. India is also home to the king cobra, one of the most venomous snakes in the world.

Most snake species hide from humans rather than attack. However, as villages continue to expand into rural areas, conflicts become more common.

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