Local Militia is Fighting Forest Fires

The parking lot of H&L Lumber in Mariposa, California, was host to a flurry of activity Sunday as members of a local militia sporting military-style fatigues handed out pancakes and steak sandwiches to evacuees of the Oak Fire raging nearby. Along with breakfast, they doled out business cards with QR codes and directions to join their... Continue Reading →

Man Runs through Flames to Save 2 Babies

In the fall of 2020, Zikhaya Sithole, a 38-year-old South African local performed a remarkable act of bravery. He was walking home from a local grocery store with a friend one day. When all of a sudden they heard the terrifying sound of a woman’s screams. The two men ran towards the sound to see... Continue Reading →

Justice Alito mocks Prince Harry

The Prince in diaspora has not been making many friends in recent weeks. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito mocked prominent figures around the world, including Prince Harry and outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for speaking out against the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. In what appeared to be his first public comments since... Continue Reading →

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