A Hooters waitress has taken to social media to reveal how a customer made her cry after racking a bill over $600.

In a video posted to TikTok by user @keylamxo, she starts by explaining: “Here’s one of the many times that a customer made me cry while I worked at Hooters.”

The 21-year-old revealed in her post that one of her tables that fateful day was a girl she used to go to high school with and her family, who were all celebrating the dad’s birthday.

Keylamxo continues: “The mom came in and she’s like, ‘Oh, bring us a round of Don Julio, we’re drinking good today, it’s my husband’s birthday.'”

Check out the unbelievable note scrawled on the bill in the video below: 

Explaining that Don Julio was $18 per shot, Keylamxo says that the family ended up having 25 shots in total, along with “a bunch of food”. But when the mom asked for the check and finally saw that the family had racked up a $624 bill, the family’s mom tells the waitress: “If you would have told me the tab was this high, maybe you would have gotten a tip.”

Recalling the uncomfortable situation she found herself in, Keylamxo says: “Like ma’am I just work here, I am not pocket-watching, I do not know how much is in your bank account. Maybe you shouldn’t go out to eat if you can’t f**king afford to.”

Prior to leaving the restaurant, the waitress reveals how a member of the party sprayed ketchup over over table and then spilled all the drinks. And if the attitude and mess wasn’t enough, when Keylamxo checked the bill, she saw that instead of leaving a tip on the considerable amount, she was left a message reading: “F*** You”, along with a drawing of a middle finger.

“[She] tipped me nothing – that’s why I cried,” the waitress says.

As always when it comes to these stories, people in the comments section were vehemently divided over tipping culture within the food industry:

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In a follow-up video, Keylamxo revealed that after she informed her regular customers of what happened the following day, two of them left her tips of $100 and $110, respectively.

Hopefully, that was enough to restore her faith in humanity. Remember: Tip your servers!

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