We can always trust that Twitter is the place to give us some real-time, authentic reactions from fans of any given film or TV show to the point that sometimes, those reactions become a story themselves. In its second season, AppleTV+’s The Morning Show has already generated a lot of buzz, and the series’ latest episode, entitled “Laura,” has caused quite the stir. In particular, fans have a lot of feelings about Reese Witherspoon and Julianna Margulies’ steamy kiss.

Now, we’re not going to show you the footage of the scene in question. Honestly, you should totally watch the episode to see what all the buzz is about. But we have pinpointed some of our favorite reactions to Bradley Jackson (Witherspoon) and Laura Peterson’s (Julianna Margulies) kiss. ‘

The episode landed on the streamer in the early hours of October 1, and The Morning Show fans got right to watching. After seeing Witherspoon and Margulies’ kiss, the Twitter-reacts floodgates opened and quenched our thirsty, TV-watching souls. One fan wrote, “just opened twitter to reese witherspoon being gay i love it here.” But trust us — some had a lot more to say.

“Uhm, [Reese Witherspoon] I wasn’t expecting that kiss! I knew The Morning Show Season 2 was going to be a thrill,” another fan tweeted. One fan even wrote “just seen reese witherspoon kissing a woman and i don’t think i’ll ever be the same.” There were also some who pointed out one element of such a narrative twist that can actually act more regressively.

“Putting it out there for no reason whatsoever that while it’s fun and good to see more bisexuality representation on TV, using it as some completely random Twist to make your character more ‘interesting’ is not, in fact, the move,” journalist Caroline Famke tweeted.

As you can clearly see, viewers already have some major feelings about the latest episode, which just so happens to be Margulies’ introduction on the series. The episode, presumably named after Margulies’ character Laura Peterson, offers a memorable introduction for the Emmy-winning actress’ character.

While the moment fans were swooning over definitely surprised them — do you need to read those tweets again? — it’ll be interesting to see where this moment takes Witherspoon’s Bradley Jackson as the second season continues.

Original Article: Twitter Is Losing It Over Reese Witherspoon & Julianna Margulies Making Out on ‘The Morning Show’ (msn.com)