A video of a toddler’s reaction to his siblings leaving the house has gone viral, with his father saying it looks like a “villain origin story.”

The footage—which was shared to TikTok on September 29 by the children’s dad, Glen Henry, who uses the account name Beleafinfatherhood—has already been watched more than 34.5 million times.

The clip, which can be watched here, starts with a man saying goodbye to one of his older children as they leave for school. Their two-year-old brother is standing watching as the door closes.

Henry begins narrating the scene: “All right, this is hands down the most emotional baby I have ever seen in my life. His brother and sister just left for school and this is his honest reaction.”

At this point the youngster waves his hands in the air in apparent anger before stopping and hitting himself in the head, in an attempt to get a handle on his mini-outburst.

The dad continues: “He’s not just upset, he’s upset that he’s upset. So what does he do? He slaps himself in the face. This is an outward reflection of what he is feeling on the inside.”

The camera then cuts to the father speaking into a microphone, as he tells viewers: “People ask me why I didn’t laugh. Because I was scared. This is none other than an evil villain’s origin story.”

The footage ends with the child turning to the camera and smirking.

The clip, which Henry captioned “Uncle Baby finna need therapy,” has been liked by a whopping 8 million people.

More than 57,000 comments have been left on the post. One TikTok user, Julie Y Max Quinto, wrote: “That little evil smirk at the end got me.”

Another person, Nicole, posted: “He blames himself for getting attached, for letting them get close but that smirk means he’ll get his vengeance.”

Beyonce Fan typed: “Bruh stance emitting so much power.”

IIIIIII stated: “When he did the evil smile at you in the end and you ran,” alongside a laughing-face emoji.

Zoro Roronoa Slaps joked: “Baby ain’t scared of pain, pain is scared of da baby.”

Karly0421 warned: “That look at the end. Better sleep with one eye open from now on.”

Kimberly wrote: “The side eye and smitk was evilllll.”

Dadon cute af remarked: “That’s not your son that is Joker,” adding a skull emoji.

Serb commented: “Not only did he smirk he sized you up. You dipped around that corner quick.”


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