Great Scott! It appears the classic 1985 film “Back to the Future” might not be too far off from reality, if this time traveler from 2030 has anything to say about it.

The U.S. Sun spoke to the man who claims he’s “stuck in the wrong year.” Going by the name Noah, he insisted on distorting his voice and blurring his face while being recorded to “hide from assassins” who would punish him for revealing the “truth.”

That “truth” being that there are time travelers, and Noah’s one of them. He even provided proof, in the form of an X-Ray of his hand. In the X-Ray, you can clearly see a small cylinder near the bones of his wrist. Noah claimed that the device was implanted into his hand and that it helps him jump dimensions for his “secret missions.”

Noah said he’s a “professional time traveler” who’s from the year 2030. “My ‘natural time’ is in the year 2030,” he said. “That is the year all my family and friends are in.”

The time traveler spoke to The U.S. Sun back in 2019, too. At that time, he told the outlet how he was “stuck” in the wrong year. Though his family was around in 2019, he couldn’t risk seeing them. He didn’t want to irrevocably change the course of time forever, or destroy the space-time continuum.

But how did Noah come to be a time traveler? Back in high school, Noah claimed, government agents told him the truth about time travel, and how it’s not just fiction. They recruited him into a “top-secret program,” where he learned to become a professional time traveler. He enjoyed a successful career for a while until everything went wrong.

Why Noah the ‘Time Traveler’ is Stuck in the Wrong Year

“Simply put, I was fired from my job during a mission in the year 2017, which is why I am now stuck in 2019,” Noah said.

It’s rough getting fired from any job, but getting fired from being a time traveler must really suck. For one thing, there’s all the secrets and information he must know that his bosses can’t want to leak. There’s also the nature of the device implanted in Noah’s wrist, which according to him is advanced enough to allow him to jump dimensions without breaking a sweat.

“It was implanted before I went back in time via a surgical procedure,” he said. “It was painless and that device actually helps in transporting all the atoms within my body. I’m not a scientist so I don’t know all the details.”

At this point, though, Noah seems more worried about running into his past self.

“A past version of myself exists right now and he is in middle school currently,” the time traveler said. “I have to stay far away from him to avoid causing a paradox, because the results of that could be profound, by what I understand.”

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