Vladimir Putin Prepares for D-Day Style Invasion with the West

The President of Russia, 68, oversaw the Zapad war games taking place in Kaliningrad, located between Poland and Lithuania, with more than 200 items of military equipment. The military drills also included the world’s largest hovercraft as thousands of Russian troops participated in the military drills.

Vladimir Putin attended the military exercises on the beach, sparking war fears in Ukraine.

Footage from the exercise showed the Zubr-class LCAC, the world’s largest hovercraft, participating in Monday’s drills.

The Zapad joint exercises with Belarus take place every four years across western Russia and Belarus.

Russia has claimed that this year’s war games involve 200,000 troops, but military experts estimate the number to be much lower.

President Putin

Vladimir Putin attended the military exercises on the beach, sparking war fears in Ukraine (Image: Getty)

The believed number of troops participating is thought to be closer to 50,000 to 100,000.

In an article for the website War on the Rocks last week, Michael Kofman, director of the Russia Studies Program at the Center for Naval Analyses, wrote it is Moscow’s intention to emphasise the number of troops participating.

​​”Russian military leaders likely hope Western media will report exaggerated figures, which help validate the scale and success of the exercise,” Kofman wrote.

The war games are intended to test the country’s capabilities to fight a major war with Nato on Russia’s northern border.

The Zapad joint exercises with Belarus take place every four years across western Russia and Belarus (Image: Getty)

“It is in Minsk’s interest to invite a much larger Russian footprint as a show of support for the regime,” Mr Kofman continued.

“Judging from early deployments and training range selection, a more sizeable Russian contingent will be in Belarus and Russian troops will be much closer to the borders with Poland than they were during previous Zapad exercises.”

The exercises are due to end on September 16, but Moscow has announced that the Russian troops will not return to their military bases until mid-October.

The defense minister has not given an explanation for the delayed return.

3 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin Prepares for D-Day Style Invasion with the West

  1. Oh, those silly ruskies, let send some foreign aid to them and authorize them to pick up the billions of dollars of equipment we left in Afgran. This way we can develop a more cohesive relationship with a communist regime. And while we are in the given mode, lets approve another pipe line from russia to anywhere in the world that needs oil. Hell we can offer to pay for it as a token of good will. Come on man—think!

  2. The people of the United States should be very Leary of this guy, for it is he that will cause this great country to become a country that is thrown back into the ice ages with his deployment of the EMP bomb. It is all figured into Biblical history, and is the reason why the United States will not be able to defend Israel.

  3. This is a traditional false flag article. Putin & Russia are positioned as the Enemy posing ostensibly new military threat to the integrity of the Western Countries (Ukraine? Lithuania?) whereas the true geopolitical challenge is a bit more to the East. China’s positioning as the contender for global leadership hides its stealthily executed moves for supremacy in financial-economic, and resource-territorial regions world-over. Importantly, it is based on the vastly popular idea of New-Old China or more precisely on the Confucian-Maoist philosophy of Chinese supremacy and rightful leadership of the world. While China is on the attack, Russia is on the defense.
    For a short time with the advent of Bolshevism and Trotskyism, Russia entertained this National Destiny ideology as the Mother of Proletarian Revolution on a global scale (which Chinese communists never quite abandoned). However, from the 1930’s and until the present, its leadership (and population) while supporting allies in the West and in Europe was moved by the strange combination of fear of encirclement by its external enemies and the pride of being the historical wall of European protection from the “Eastern hordes”, the Mongols, Tatars, Ottomans, and other mostly Islamic invaders. Nothing was left of the post-war centrality of the USSR, and with the Eastern European centrifuge dismantled, Russian populace at large has no clue of its role in the world, except one shared recognition while Russia is still the main line of Western defense against Asian (Chinese) expansionist drives, the West is enamored with China, disdains Russia, and ignores its historical sensitivities. Russia has no ambitions but to reject “the Western encroachment” and responds to the post-collapse movements of the West towards its borders and responds symbolically and defensively.
    I am no defender of Putin or Russia per se, but I am genuinely concerned that the headline and analysis fail to focus on these realities and divert our attention from where the threat exists to where it does not.

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