Heart Patient Dies After Hospital Contacts 43 ICUs in 3 States and Still Couldn’t Find an ICU Bed

An Alabama antiques dealer died this month of a “cardiac event” after the emergency staff at his local hospital contacted dozens of intensive care units in three states and was unable to find him a bed as Covid-19 cases surged, his family said.

The man, Ray DeMonia, who ran DeMonia’s Antiques and Auctions for four decades, died Sept. 1, three days before his 74th birthday, his family said in an obituary published this month.

“Ray was a great, great man, liked and respected by many,” his family said.

DeMonia died as Covid-19 cases in the state, which has had one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country, continue to surge.

Some Alabama nurses have protested the grueling work conditions, and last month a doctor in Mobile said he would stop treating unvaccinated patients.

In the obituary, his family urged people who have not been vaccinated to get their shots — “in an effort to free up resources for non Covid related emergencies.”

“He would not want any other family to go through what his did,” his family said.

They said he died at Rush Foundation Hospital in Meridian, Mississippi, after staff members at Cullman Regional Medical Center contacted 43 ICUs and were unable to find him a bed.Ray DeMonia.DeMonia family

A spokeswoman for the hospital in Cullman, about an hour north of Birmingham, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Alabama has one of the highest rates of new Covid-19 cases in the country, with about 541 per 100,000 people having tested positive in the last seven days.

In that period, 259 people died, the CDC reported.

Original Article: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/alabama-heart-patient-dies-after-hospital-contacts-43-icus-3-n1279025

6 thoughts on “Heart Patient Dies After Hospital Contacts 43 ICUs in 3 States and Still Couldn’t Find an ICU Bed

  1. I’m vaccinated. I wish others would be as well, but, that’s their decision. We have a nephew that just lost his battle with Covid. He was 47.

    1. It’s their selfish decision not to protect others and to help eliminate Covid and it’s variants. I chose to get the vaccine and live and help others to live. Small children are not eligible but are sent to schools unprotected. Selfish!

  2. But we know current stats prove vaxxed get sick as often as unvaxxed and that the vaxxed are driving the variants. That’s the science. We also know that of vaxxed who get hospitalised 20% die. Time to get off the lying Fauci bandwagon about the unvaxxed. They are under threat from the variants caused by the vaxxed but they have not started bleating about it.

    1. You are plain wrong. Nurses treating patients, say that it is the unvaccinated people that are dying from Covid and it’s variants. Stop being a coward and do the right thing for everyone! Get your vaccine!

      1. CDC and Fauci both claim that vaccinated can carry the same viral loads of covid as the unvaccinated thus can get and spread covid. Many distinguished virologists have said that the mass vaccination efforts have been causing the mutations.
        Mutations occur when a virus or bacteria faces something that is trying to “kill” it. They mutate to thwart a vaccine’s or antibiotic’s ability to kill it. This is why the flu never disappears and some infections like tuberculosis become antibiotic resistant.

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