‘Sit Down and Shut Up’: Alexander Vindman Fires Back at Republicans

Retired Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman traded jabs with Ohio Republican Josh Mandel on Saturday over President Joe Biden‘s plans to resettle tens of thousands of Afghanistan refugees in the U.S. following the troop withdrawal.

Republicans have remained unified in its criticisms of the Biden administration’s chaotic Afghanistan evacuation effort, but the resettlement of refugees at home has begun to divide members of the party. Some have slammed Biden for abandoning U.S. allies, while members of the GOP’s anti-immigrant wing have condemned the president for allowing what they call an influx of threatening foreigners into the U.S.

Mandel, a former Ohio state Treasurer and Marine veteran running for the U.S. Senate in 2022, called Vindman a “liar and traitor” on social media after Vindman’s wife, Rachel Vindman, criticized his opposition to the resettlement of Afghan refugees.

“You are a fool looking for attention,” Alexander Vindman tweeted in response. “You don’t represent Jewish values. You preach hate for refugees, when your own ancestors came here as immigrants and refugees. Sit down and shut up. #RefugeesWelcone.”

You are a fool looking for attention. You don’t represent Jewish values. You preach hate for refugees, when your own ancestors came here as immigrants and refugees. Sit down and shut up. #RefugeesWelcome https://t.co/LUjIB2Dyu7— Alexander S. Vindman (@AVindman) September 4, 2021

The exchange came after Rachel Vindman condemned Mandel for vowing to fight the Afghan resettlements. “These planes are now being emptied into Cleveland, Toledo and other places in the heart of America. To protect our kids, our communities and our Judeo-Christian way of life, we must FIGHT this with all our might,” Mandel tweeted Friday.

“To protect my child from monsters like @JoshMandelOhio and to teach her about our faith and values, we welcome these refugees with all our might,” Rachel Vindman tweeted in response.

This week, former President Donald Trump, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and others have both sought to use the relocation of refugees to bolster the anti-immigrant stance of the right.

“We’ll have terrorists coming across the border,” McCarthy said in a call with a group of bipartisan House members, according to the New York Times.

Representative Matt Rosendale of Montana wanted that Afghan refugees “could bring additional people” and “flood our country with refugees” once they have completed relocation in America. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia asked, “Will this bring chain migration too?”

A recent CBS poll, conducted between August 18-20, showed that 76 percent of Republican voters support bringing Afghan allies to the U.S., while only 24 percent oppose.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has said that the U.S. expects to resettle more than 50,000 Afghans who were evacuated amid the Taliban takeover.

Original Article: ‘Sit Down and Shut Up’: Alexander Vindman Fires Back at Ohio Republican Over Afghan Refugees (msn.com)

23 thoughts on “‘Sit Down and Shut Up’: Alexander Vindman Fires Back at Republicans

  1. Good for Josh Mandel! Traitor Vindman should sit down and shut UP! AND – President Trump is NOT “former”!! Someone should tell that fact to Vindman – then watch his traitor head explode.

    1. Duh – some one needs to rattle your brain so it understands that Trump is indeed a loser. Talk about ignorant heads exploding!

      1. Bad news dumbass if the election was fair why are the Demonrats so against the audits I’d think they would encourage them to prove once and for all that it was a fair election so now that they’re railing about the few States that are doing audits every State is doing an audit!

    2. No doubt. Trump not former. Really President. Biden is not president legally…vindman isa foolish jerk demoncRAT

  2. Mr. Vindman should realize like so many others they are no longer even a semblance of the Republican party I joined in 1959, and been a Registered Republican ever since up until Trump was president. these people are low education in every respect and do not want any change in this nation, they want White Supremacy, which died years ago just stay the way it is, referred to as Trumpian’s not Republicans.

  3. The Republican party is no longer the party I have been all of for my adult life. They are whiners, willing to sell out this country for a few pieces of gold. Vidman is a traitor and should not be allowed to wear the uniform. I can’t wait for Trump to be back in the White House to clean house!

    1. Bind man is such a f***ing hero – why not airlift him to Kabul airport so he can save the day? He’s so perfect, we can drop him from 50,000 feet and he won’t even need a parachute…
      Buck Fiden

      1. Hey Trump licker, you and all your can’t think for yourselves Trump sheep don’t have much time left on this planet since your owner is leading you all to slaughter. So either grow a pair and become a true member of society or go crawl back to your dark hole. Repeating everything your owner says makes you look stupid because he is stupid. We are done with stupid.

  4. The Right is Not anti-Immigrant!
    We are for Legal Immigration with Deep Vetting to insure that these Immigrants are coming to America to Embrace Our Culture and Not to Change Us!

  5. LtCol Alexander vindman -vs- LtCol Stuart Scheller???
    This former Vietnam Navy Petty Officer has only one answer to that one….
    Semper Fi FOREVER!!!!

  6. Vindman showed his true colors back when they tried to impeach Trump over a fucking innocent phone call he acted like it was his job to decide foreign policy instead of Trump!

  7. Let Vindman, Biden, and company plus Tom take all the Refugees home to their states to have for neighbors, or build a village on the Mexican border. Biden wants to like Harry S. Truman ( the buck stops here) but he can not take the heat like Truman could. Then one of the other democrats used FDR’S famous quote after Pearl Harbor where 1000,s of lives were lost and billions of dollars were lost ( This day will live in infamy)they used it for Jan,6 demonstration at the capital, where only one killed was a unarmed woman, quite a difference. I wonder how many are trained terrorist, how many fought for the other side? How many diseases are among them? To bad they did not do this months ago, the same with getting people out they had months to do it. We are making big problems for the future.
    the old marine

  8. Fools like this asshole who keep preaching about their ancestors coming to America as immigrants are the ones who should sit down and shut up. The idiots must realize: If you live in the past you don’t have a future. Our country is severely overpopulated, we don’t need another living being here, Overpopulation contributes to crime, hate disease and poverty. Our resources are finite and being rapidly depleted. Close all boarders ban ALL immigration; if others need help, consider SENDING it, if and when we can do so without depriving our own

  9. Our country is already out of control!! The Biden fool & company only want to control the conservatives & taxpayers, who are having to support the whole country! When the 40 per cent that actually are paying to support everyone are being penalized & taxed every which way
    and now you’re bringing in MORE immigrants without even having papers, etc….disaster!!
    We can’t go to another country without going through systems in place! All this concern over Covid, ever-changing mandates ….none of this applies to immigrants!! I’m tired of American citizens coming last! We’re more concerned with saving Afghanistan citizens than our own, for one reason Democrats want their votes!!

  10. WHY isn’t VINDMAN in FEDERAL PRISON as per the U.S. Constitution for SEDITION and TREASON?!? . . . Just ASKING. One Enlightened And INQUIRING Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

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