Tabloid TV legend Geraldo Rivera, who ditched Fox News this summer after 22 years, has become an ever-increasing presence on CNN since becoming a free agent.

Rivera, who was fired from Fox News’ popular talk show The Five amid a “toxic” rivalry with co-host Greg Gutfeld, has made at least 11 appearances on CNN since his Fox exit, including a Sunday night sit-down with Jim Acosta.

So is Rivera looking to find a new home at the cable news pioneer?

Uh, maybe. After Confider texted him to see if he’s had any talks with CNN about a gig, he told us he’s had “no formal discussions,” before adding: “I think it would be a good fit.”

He continued: “Do you want to be my agent? Presently, I’m unrepresented. Maybe you could make my future employment a Daily Beast project? Thanks, Geraldo.”

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