Just plane stupid?

Another day, another inconsiderate plane passenger making the friendly skies unfriendly.

This time, a female traveler decided to run onto the airport tarmac in a hare-brained attempt to prevent a plane from leaving her behind, as seen in a video causing facepalms online.

“A lady who had missed her flight clearly thought she could still catch it,” eye witness Simon Hales wrote in a Facebook post describing the ludicrous incident, which occurred Wednesday at Canberra Airport in Australia’s Majura district, 9News reported.

According to Hales, the entitled woman had run past security and “down onto the tarmac” to try and halt a QantasLink flight departing for Adelaide.

In the shocking footage, the unidentified bozo can be seen on the runway attempting to flag down the pilot as if hailing a cab.

Needless to say, bystanders were flabbergasted over the brazen scene, which evoked a character in a romantic comedy trying to prevent their beloved from leaving.

“She’s trying to yell at the pilot, she’s trying to get his attention and jump up, it was bizarre,” recalled Hales.

“People were a bit flat-footed, they didn’t seem to know what to do” added fellow witness Dennis Bilic, who filmed the ludicrous incident. “(We were thinking) ‘Is anyone gonna stop her?’”

Thankfully, the pilot killed the engine, after which the Australian Federal Police (AFP) apprehended the inconsiderate traveler.

As a result of the woman’s inconsiderate “runway walk,” all flights ended up being delayed for 10 minutes, but operations have since returned to normal.

In a similarly brazen incident in July, a passenger en route to Bangkok, Thailand demanded that the pilot turn the plane around because he forgot his bag at the Chiang Mai airport.

Watch the footage below: