AI robot fans seen at NFL game

National football enthusiasts greeted the start of the NFL season with great fervor and excitement. Surprisingly, during the season kickoff at the stadium, AI robots joined the Los Angeles Chargers and Miami Dolphins fans, resulting in a spectacular display.

The fake faces of these robotic “fans” with blank expressions were on display as they sat alongside applauding real spectators on the double-sided television screen of SoFi Stadium. The event’s distinct ambience was enhanced by the observation of a few AI robots operating at the field level.

These robots were not the result of an unanticipated technological revolt; rather, they were part of a clever marketing campaign for the impending science fiction picture “The Creator,” which is being produced by 20th Century Studios. The film, which is slated to open in theaters on September 29, examines a confrontation between humans and machines in the future.

AI robots were strategically placed throughout the stadium as a creative marketing tactic to interact with sports fans and spark interest in the movie. There is little question that the contrast between actual football fans and these lifeless machines created a stir when the film was first shown.

This is not the first time major league sports and movie promotion have merged. At three MLB games, including a Cardinals-Dodgers game in September 2022, actors wearing eerie smiling masks sat behind home plate in a similar manner to advertise the horror movie “Smile.”

It’s too early to tell if these promotional strategies were successful, but one thing is certain: the AI fans were unable to summon enough artificial support to lift the Chargers to victory. Fans are excited to see what the remainder of the NFL season has in store for the Bolts after a difficult start to the season with a close 36-34 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

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