Michael J. Fox Falls at ‘Back to the Future’ Expo (Video)

Michael J. Fox gave “Back to the Future” expo attendees a scare Sunday when he fell onstage.

The 61-year-old, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991 at age 29, was walking onto the stage at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia when he tripped.

To fans’ relief, Fox landed on a couch and was able to continue the Q&A panel with his co-stars Christopher Lloyd and Tom Wilson.

The Emmy-winning actor’s public appearance came weeks after he told “CBS Sunday Morning” viewers about how much “harder” his battle with Parkinson’s has become.

“Every day, it’s tougher,” he said in late April. “But that’s the way it is.”


Fox admitted to “thinking about the mortality of it” at the time, clarifying, “I’m not gonna be 80.”

The “Family Ties” star called falling “a big killer with Parkinson’s,” as well as “aspirating food and getting pneumonia” and other “subtle ways that get you.”

He explained, “You don’t die from Parkinson’s. You die with Parkinson’s.

The following month, Fox gave more insight into the disease in Apple TV+’s “Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie.”

In the documentary, he compared Parkinson’s to waking up with nine noses “and your tongue sticking out of your ear,” adding that it “didn’t just kick [him] out of the house — it burned the f–king house down.”

The May release also highlighted Fox’s close bond with his family members, from wife Tracy Pollan to son Sam, 34, twins Aquinnah and Schulyer, 28, and daughter Esmé, 21.

The Golden Globe winner has been married to Pollan, 62, since 1988, with Fox telling “Entertainment Tonight” last month that he would be “dead” without his partner.

“We give each other space to make mistakes,” he said of their secret to success. “Always remember that.”

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